The EPV® Screens team is proud to announce that the DarkStar UST eFinity won CE Pro Magazine’s 2018 BEST Award.

Award: CE Pro 2018 BEST Award
Product: DarkStar® UST eFinity
Review Link: (Click Here)


CE Pro Magazine 2018 BEST Award- DarkStar® UST eFinity


The DarkStar® UST eFinity is an ambient light rejecting screen designed exclusively for UST projectors.  Its material absorbs up to 95% of overhead light replacing flat panel TVs with a larger-than-life image, for less. The ultra-short throw design allows projectors to maximize light output resulting in superior in picture quality, contrast, color temperature, diffusion uniformity, and size.

According to CE Pro Magazine, all entries for the BEST awards are were judged on innovation, functionality, competitive advantages and benefits to the installer by a dozen credible industry leaders, along with the editors of CE Pro.

DarkStar® UST eFinity