Australian Education Reporter Interviews Dave Rodgers of Elite Screens Inc.

Live-streaming technology is not just a gimmick but instead, a way for a school to open up its students to the world. Elite Screens supplies and manufactures projection systems that work with live-streaming, that allow larger audiences to participate.

Marketing manager David Rodgers said opportunities available through live-streaming were unlike anything in human history.

“With live-streaming, you can open up a classroom to whomever you want, even if they can’t be there in person,”  Mr. Rodgers said.

“Most schools lack the funds to fly in or go visit guest speakers. Live-streaming removes the costly logistics involved with travel. Now students can connect with a variety of great minds from around the world affordably and in seconds.”

“It also allows multiple schools and institutions to be able to conference in at the same time.”

Rodgers said distance was no longer a boundary for teachers with institutions around the world since teleconferencing gear is readily available and affordable.

“Imagine your students taking part in a live and interactive tour of the Louvre in Paris. A guide can take them around explaining the artwork and answering questions,”  Mr Rodgers said.

“I’ve also seen schools use live-streaming to have regular contact with sister schools in other countries.”

Elite Screens Inc. provides high quality projection screens, that work with projectors and live-streaming hardware to create a larger-than-life interactive display. This allows a bigger audience to view and interact regardless of distance.

Mr Rodgers said that school faculty often think live-streaming projection systems are more expensive and complicated than they actually are.

“If you want your school to look like S.H.E.I.L.D. headquarters, you can spend the money if you have it. But the reality is that all this can also be done within a realistic budget. Live-stream hardware is affordable, our solution is simple, and the setup is user friendly especially to those who are not tech savvy.”

About Elite Screens, Inc.

Elite Screens Inc. is a US based sales company with local inventory and customer support. We offer a wide array of projection screens for the commercial and residential audio-visual markets. Elite Screens’ products are available through authorized distributors, resellers, retailers and system integrators. Elite Screens’ mission is to provide the latest in quality projection screens quickly and conveniently for today’s integrators and retailers. Its award-winning product and devotion to brand excellence has made it a leading and reputable projection screen product line the US market.

Elite Screens is headquartered at 12282 Knott St. Garden Grove, CA  92841.

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