Elite Screens ezCinema 2 (F107XWH2) “free-standing” portable pull-up projection screen in Long Beach Buddhist Church

  • Location: Long Beach Buddhist Church
  • Contact: Minister Gyokei Yokoyama
  • Product: ezCinema 2 (F107XWH2) Portable Free-standing Projection Screen
  • Projector: Epson 1060
  • Installer or End-User: DIY by Congregation Staff
  • Video Link(Click Here)

Main Article:

Portable free-standing projector screens play a huge role in providing a convenient large video display where wall or ceiling installations are not practical. Such environments include multi-purpose rooms, corporate or training facilities, residential applications and in this case, churches, temples, and other houses of worship.

Long Beach Buddhist Church

A recent feature at the Long Beach Buddhist Church in California demonstrates the immense value that a “floor-standing, pull-up” projection screen  will provide. In the application featured here, the subtitles for sermons and religious services may be displayed to bridge the language gap or for the benefit of those who are hearing impaired. Mobile visual displays such as the ezCinema 2 series will provide a large visual aid, wherever needed, that can be set up in just seconds.

Customer Feedback:

Minister Gyokei Yokoyama explained how west Long Beach, California became a preferred place to settle for Americans and immigrants of Japanese ancestry following the second world war. Many of these people are of the Buddhist faith and are in need of services performed in their ancestral Japanese language.

In order to accommodate English-speaking members who started to attend, The Long Beach Buddhist Church decided to use this screen to provide subtitles for the services. “Much of what we do has a Japanese Buddhist traditional background (and) in order for the English speakers to follow the ceremonies and grasp the meaning of what we do without having the feature lose quality.”

Gyokei continued by affirming the screen’s portable convenience but also, he also had a strong concern about product safety. “A great feature is it’s portable and can be set up anywhere.” Portability was a huge factor in the selection of this screen. “I really love the ability of this Elite Screen. Our congregation has elderly members. The stability of the footing ensures the safety because safety is a big concern for us. Using the (scissor-back) support, it is really stable. I was quite astounded by the quality of the design.”

This observation shows that screen performance is simply expected. When buying a screen for his church, Minister Gyokei had a greater concern for convenience of setup, use and safety to those of his parish. A video was produced to demonstrate undoctored footage of the screen actually being used.  The end result is a superb picture in a safe, convenient package.

About the ezCinema 2 Series

ezCinema 2 Series

The ezCinema 2 Series by Elite Screens is the ideal solution for a cost-effective, quality presentation screen with the high-dollar performance that the industry demands.  The screen swiftly rises and retracts using a “scissor-backed” free-standing mechanism which requires no extra tools, accessories or effort.  Simply rotate the base feet, set the screen down, and pull the screen up to its desired height.  It literally takes 5-seconds and is the perfect “projector screen in a box” for portable presentations on the go.  The 1.1 gain matte white material has a wide viewing angle and is masked on all 4 sides for enhanced aesthetics and visual contrast.  The screen also comes with a black backing to eliminate light penetration for brighter image fidelity. As an added value, the material is GREENGUARD (UL 2818) certified for safe indoor air quality emissions which may be required by some business or education-based facilities.