Yard Master Electric Tension Outdoor Motorized Screen uses 2-Way “Dual” Projection Material at Woodfire Kabob

Yard Master Electric Tension Outdoor Motorized Screen uses 2-Way “Dual” Projection Material at Woodfire Kabob in Laguna Hills

  • Product: Yard Master Electric Tension Series (OMS100H-ELECTRODUAL)
  • Venue: Woodfire Kabob in Laguna Hills, CA
  • Video Link: (Click Here)

Woodfire Kabob Restaurant in South Orange County has become a favorite with connoisseurs of fine Mediterranean/Persian dining.  A well-made 2-way projection screen is ideal for venues where the screen is used mid-room with eyes on the front and back of the screen.

Established in 2013, Woodfire Kabob Restaurant in Laguna Hills features the same savory gourmet meals as its sister locations, Heidar Baba Restaurant in Pasadena and Ansar Gallery super market in Tustin. This establishment has seating for about 300 and uses only natural USDA choice and Higher grades of meats in its various dishes. The traditional Halal meals are cut, ground, and seasons all of their meats in house using their proprietary homemade marinade fresh and without any preservatives.

Such a popular dining spot requires a larger-than-life video display that could present a bright-clear projected image from both the front and back of the material regardless if it’s being used in front or rear projection mode.  The best choice is an electric “roll-up” projector screen that can accommodate such a “dual-projection” material.

The restaurant owner, Vahid, was very enthusiastic and his observations are as follows: “We’ve got the Yard Master Electric Tab-Tension Dual by Elite Screens. We needed a big screen that people can see from both sides of the restaurant.” In most cases, the restaurant staff shows image content of natural landscapes or travel videos and this resonates well with the guests. A younger crowd comes in to watch a variety of sporting events and are very pleased with the high level of resolution and picture quality that they encounter.  In addition to its competitive price tag, the Yard Master Electric Tab-Tension is also IP33 rated for outdoor applications. Vahid continued, “ The screen is so well made, you can also put it outside if you want, and actually, I am planning to do just that because I was thinking about how nice it could be to advertise outside on the big-screen without us caring about  what the weather conditions would be. With the Elite Screen, you’ll get a great value for your money that will impress your guests, customers anyone who stops by.” The video also demonstrates how easy it is to install the two sliding brackets. The screen comes fully assembled so the setup time is quick and the screen will slide into perfect alignment.

About the Yard Master Electric Tension (OMS100H-ELECTRODUAL) Outdoor Projection Screen

The Yard Master Electric Tension Series is an electric screen with 2-way projection material that is IP33 rated for wind/rain penetration for outdoor applications. The tab-tension design supports a front/rear projection surface with perfect uniform flatness. This allows you to use either a standard, short throw or UST projectors with the screen. The WraithVeil® Dual material provides superb image clarity from in-front or behind and its diverse projector compatibility makes it a must for outdoor home or commercial video applications. It is ideal for nighttime movie presentations. The screen comes with a Radio Frequency remote control that doubles as a wireless 12-volt projector trigger that coordinates the screen’s drop and rise with the projector’s power cycle. The (OMS100H-ELECTRODUAL) screen featured in this video is a 120” sized model with a 16:9 (HDTV) aspect ratio.

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