Elite ProAV® Tension Pro Series at Triedstone Missionary Baptist Church

Elite ProAV® Tension Pro Series at Triedstone Missionary Baptist Church

Large venue projection screens are an essential component in house of worship applications. Elite ProAV® offers a wide selection of projection screens to accommodate large group presentations. The most commonly requested are electric “roll-up” formats. In this case, the large 235-inch Tension Pro electric projector screen that is beautifully hidden behind a ceiling partition. When not in use, the screen is completely invisible. Once visual aid is required, this larger-than-life video surface drops out of nowhere. The effect is both effective and visually stunning.

Susan – Assured Audio Visual: “We have sold elite screens for years. It’s actually one of our primary manufacturers that we choose.  One great thing about it is that there is a 5-year warranty and we get a lot of support from Elite Screens. There are about 200 different screens that we choose from for the different types of layouts for the end user and also, it’s affordable.”

The commentary continues by explaining how Assured Audio Visual prefers Elite Screens over the other screen manufacturers because of the quality of the material and the variety that they get to choose from. There are many different styles and screen sizes and materials in addition, they like the 5-year warranty meaning that their customers can rely on the product.

Quentin Oden, Pastor: In his video testimonial, Pastor Oden describes how they just recently purchased the screen as part of a facility upgrade. The congregation wanted to make sure that moving forward, they would put in as much high-level technical improvements for the church that they possibly can. This 235” screen was part of that renovation. “It is important to have a projection surface that will support the appropriate image resolution. They live-stream their services and the young adults feature videos so there are a number of different applications that this screen is required to perform.”

Said Pastor Oden.  The design provides flexibility for ministry and conferences and things of that nature. This is all part of what they have been doing for years so it is really a continuation of the ministry that they have started moving forward into the coming years using a good screen in order to project the images.

At the end of the video, he encouraged viewers to come visit, enjoy the services and their talented musical staff. “Ministry is about the word of God and teaching and preaching so we have much going on for us these days and we thank God for all the capability we now have as a church”.

There are many articles written in regards to what screen would be ideal for house of worship applications. In regards to large sanctuaries and conference halls, a large retractable electric screen is usually the best solution. The best recipe for return business is selection, availability, quality, and service. This testimonial cites the capability of Elite ProAV’s product and service team. It was a pleasure to provide for  this congregation and we are proud to give our best regards in the form of a large, reliable screen that will serve them for many years.

– DR