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  • Product: WhiteBoardScreen Thin Edge CLR® 2
  • Reviewer: Philip Boyle, ProjectorReviews.com
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Elite Screens is one of the leading projection screen manufacturers in the industry. Based in the USA, their products are available worldwide. Elite produces a wide range of screens for home theater owners, educational institutions, and a multitude of corporate users. Elite’s mission is simple: make cinema-quality projection screens for projector owners at practically any budget without compromising quality.

A good projection system should consist of both a projector and a screen. Even at the most competitive prices, the screen you choose should not be more expensive than a quality projector. Elite Screens feels that one of its key roles is matching customers with screens that will fulfill each buyer’s requirements at a fair price.

Elite accomplishes this by mass-producing superior products in the most popular sizes and aspect ratios. In addition, these products use various formats that accommodate any environment, from integrated high-tech performance to portable, cost-effective solutions.

Elite ProAV® is a division of Elite Screens designing and building screens for business and education customers. Elite ProAV makes a wide range of commercial-grade projector screens, such as its WhiteBoardScreen™ Thin Edge CLR® 2 (Ceiling Light Rejecting®) Series, designed to meet multiple needs of its customers. The WhiteBoardScreen Thin Edge VersaWhite Series combination whiteboard and the screen is a dual-purpose product combining two large products into one—simultaneously saving space and providing a more collaborative experience in class and meeting rooms.

As if creating this dual-purpose product wasn’t enough, Elite ProAV has also built a better whiteboard and a better projection screen in the process. Their certified products, which are compatible with building codes and a wide variety of programs, also include warranties and trained professionals available to assist installers every step of the way.


  • Designed for collaborative classrooms, boardrooms, conference rooms, and training facilities
  • Combines a projection screen and dry erase board into one product
  • Scratch-resistant laminate coating
  • Compatible with tabletop ultra-short throw and short-throw projectors only
  • Included mounts permit wood stud installation with horizontal adjustment
  • CLR® 2 laminate coating absorbs 65% of overhead lighting
  • Improves brightness, color saturation, and contrast in rooms with uncontrolled ambient light
  • 160-degree viewing angle (80-degree L/R)
  • The micro-filter structure allows for tabletop mounted ultra and short-throw projectors
  • 4K/8K Ultra HD (High Definition) Ready, smooth, non-textured surface
  • ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) Certified for accurate color reproduction
  • Available screen sizes and aspect ratios: 90” at a 16:10 aspect ratio | 97” at a 16:9 aspect ratio | 107” at a 2:1 aspect ratio
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
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