Tech Up Your Life Reviews EliteProjector’s MosicGO Projector System

Product: EliteProjector MosicGO

Reviewer: Moe Long, Tech Up Your Life

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The Elite Projector MosicGO is a unique device. It’s an ultra-short throw (UST) projector capable of producing a 100-inch or larger image from a few inches away from the screen. With super low input lag of just 17ms, it’s a great gaming projector. And a built-in battery powers the unit while doubling as a power bank for charging external devices. If that’s not enough, the MosicGO can function as a Bluetooth speaker. With excellent image quality, the Elite Projector MosicGO is a fantastic option for a variety of movie watchers. Find out why it’s one of the best projectors overall in our hands-on MosicGO projector review!

What is the Elite Projector MosicGO – MosicGO Sport Overview

Hailing from Elite Screens comes the MosicGO projector. It’s available in two different trims: the MosicGO Lite and MosicGO Sport. Whereas the Sport variant includes a built-in 37200mAh battery which offers up to around three hours of portable use alongside power delivery for charging external devices, the Lite lacks a battery. Otherwise, the two projectors are nearly identical.

The MosicGO Sport features a native 1080p 1920 x 1080 full high definition (HD) resolution. Utilizing DLP technology with an OSRAM LED light source, the MosicGO touts a long-lasting 25,000 lamp life and bright 1500 LED lumens of brightness. With a 20,000:1 contrast ratio and 96% Rec.709 color coverage, it produces a realistic image.

A low input lag of 17ms makes the MosicGO Sport incredible for gaming. Its 0.3:1 throw ratio means you can set the projector just around a foot away from the screen to achieve a 100-inch or larger image. Outfitted with IPX2 waterproofing means that the MosicGO Sport can resist water from a 15-degree angle.

It’s available as a standalone projector or bundled with an Elite Screens Yard Master 2 screen of up to 120-inches. Alternatively, the MosicGO360 Sport includes a MosicGO Sport, Yard Master 2 screen, and indoor fixed Elite Screens CLR UST projector screen.

Elite Projector MosicGO Sport Specs
  • Native 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution
  • 1500 LED lumens of brightness
  • OSRAM LED light source with 25,000 lamp life hours
  • DLP technology
  • 20,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Low 17ms input lag
  • 37200mAh Li-ion battery for powering the device and providing power to external devices with power delivery
  • Connectivity: 2 x HDMI, 2 x USB Type-A, 2 x USB-C including one with DisplayPort video in, 1 x 3.5mm headphone out, 1 x 12V trigger
  • IPX2 water resistance
  • Throw ratio: 0.3:1
  • 2 x 8W speakers
  • Bluetooth-only mode for use as a portable Bluetooth speaker
MosicGO Sport Projector Review Verdict

Elite Screens’ MosicGO Sport is an outstanding projector that ticks a lot of boxes. It’s small and lightweight for easy portability. An onboard 37200mAh battery provides power for the projector and the ability to juice up external devices such as phones, tablets, and streaming boxes. An ultra-short throw ratio of 0.3:1 lets you achieve a 58-inch image with merely four inches between the projector and the screen.

With IPX2 water resistance, the MosicGO Sport isn’t afraid of venturing outside. All of its ports are covered in rubber gaskets for added protection. Because of its DLP technology, image quality is incredible. The 20,000:1 contrast ratio and 96% Rec.709 color coverage mean you’ll enjoy lifelike visuals. Out-of-the-box, I found image quality to be excellent. There’s fantastic color accuracy and great contrast. The LED light source produces a vivid image that’s perfectly watchable even with a decent amount of ambient light.

Low input lag of 17ms makes the MosicGO Sport suitable for gaming. Although it’s limited to 60Hz, and therefore isn’t a high refresh rate, low lag projector, the 17ms of lag time should satisfy even hardcore console or PC gamers.

Connectivity is extremely good. With a pair of HDMI inputs, two USB-C ports including one with DisplayPort video in, dual USB Type-A headers, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and 12V trigger, you can hook up virtually any streaming devices, game consoles, or other devices you can think of. The onboard dual 8W speakers are more than adequate for filling up a small to medium-sized room. Since there’s a Bluetooth audio-only mode, the MosicGO Sport doubles as a Bluetooth speaker.

Unfortunately, despite its Bluetooth capabilities, there’s no audio transmission from the projector. Thus, you can’t send audio from the projector to a Bluetooth speaker. Instead, you’re limited to a hardwired connection with its 3.5mm headphone jack. However, a Bluetooth transmitter lets you circumvent this problem. And the onboard speakers, while not audiophile caliber, are pretty solid.

Lack of 3D capabilities may disappoint some home theatre enthusiasts. But chances are, you won’t be watching 3D movies outside, so this isn’t really much of an issue. Getting the MosicGO Sport properly keystoned can be a bit of a chore. While setting it up, I found achieving a perfectly rectangular image somewhat fiddly, but this is a challenge that affects all ultra-short throw projectors.

Ultimately, the MosicGO Sport is an exceptional projector that’s just at home in the backyard for an outdoor movie night as it is indoors in a dedicated home theatre or living room. It’s equally as good for movies and TV as it is for gaming. And it’s one of the best value UST projectors on the market.

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