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TheMasterSwitch.com Names Elite Screens as Some of the Best Home Projector Screens of 2024

Did Brad Pitt’s head get really wrinkly or is that just your crown molding? If you have a projector but no projector screen, you’re getting subpar picture quality and are wasting a great machine. Even if your wall is a crisp, spotless white, any imperfection will be obvious when the Death Star looks more like a football than a moon. So. yeah, you need a screen, and there are a number of choices you’ll need to make: wall-mounted screen or freestanding? Which size and aspect ratio? Manual or motorized? You can expect to spend anywhere from $60 up to $400 or more on a projector screen, with more expensive models using fabrics that produce crisper, superior imagery—particularly when you have a projector to match. Below are the best projector screens of this year, from budget to high-end.

How We Choose:

When it comes to projector screens, we look at everything: size, ease-of-use, portability, the works. It can often be difficult to choose a decent model, especially given how expensive they can be, but we think you’ll agree with our picks here. Worth noting: almost all screens come in a variety of sizes and prices. In all cases, we’ve chosen the one we feel represents the best value-for-money. It’s also worth pointing out that you shouldn’t be surprised to see brands like Elite Screens dominating…(see full article here)

Number 1: VMAX 2 Series

VMAX 2 Series

We think that right now, the best projector screen needs to be automated, easy to set up and use, and guarantee a particular level of picture quality. In our opinion, the Elite Screens VMAX 2 ticks all three boxes. For starters, not only do you get a very sizeable usable area, but you get a slightly increased aspect ratio, at 16:10. There is a full 180 degree viewing angle, and like many models in this range, it comes ready for both 4K and 3D viewing. Installation is dead simple, as it comes shipped fully assembled (so no electronics knowledge required) and you won’t have to get up to adjust it, either, as it comes with its own remote. It’s a clear choice over screens from Silver Ticket, its big competitor.

That said, we do think the price could stand to drop a little. The Elite Screens VMAX 2 comes in multiple sizes, like most screens here, but to be honest, it’s still a little expensive for what it is. If you’re looking for a less-expensive automated screen, we’d recommend the Spectrum Electric, also from Elite Screens.

Number 5: Spectrum 2 Series

Spectrum2 Series Home LifeStyle

Any manufacturer can attach a motor to a screen, but only a few can do it really well. Elite Screens Make the best on the market, in our opinion, and their Spectrum 2 proves it. The screen uses a tubular motor, which is much quieter, faster, and smoother than the synchronous motors found in screens like Elite’s VMAX 2. The inclusion of the new MaxWhite FG material not only stiffens this non-tensioned screen, but also enhances the picture. We don’t think it beats the VMAX 2 or other motorized screens like the Screen Innovations Solo Pro 2 for quality, but it more than holds its own.

The biggest downside is the price. The Elite Screens Spectrum 2 is almost a hundred dollars more expensive than the original, and that may raise a few eyebrows. However, if you’re prepared to spend the money, you’ll get what is commonly considered to be one of the best motorized screens around. Elite have really made this particular category their own, and the Spectrum 2 is an exemplary screen.

Number 7: Yard Master 2 Series

YardMaster2 lifestyle

If you’re looking for a screen that can pull double duty as both an indoor and outdoor system, then it’s worth checking out the Elite Screens Yard Master 2. We think it’s the best ‘double duty’ screen on this list, with a better picture than the cheaper JaeilPLM 100 Inch 2-in-1. The robust construction and high quality materials make the Yard Master 2 a good pick and, as a bonus, it’s exceptionally easy to set up. It comes in a variety of sizes, all the way up to 180”. We’ve flagged the 120” version here, which should be more than enough for most people – the availability of larger versions varies depending on the store.

One thing to note with this model is that it may take a little time and experimentation to get the best picture quality from it. The Elite Screens Yard Master 2 is an excellent screen, but it felt a bit unforgiving. As such, it may be worth sacrificing picture quality for ease-of-use if you are new to home projection. Regardless, this screen definitely belongs on this list.