Manual Screen FAQ’s

What is the advantage of the “SRM” (Slow Retract Mechanism) over the regular kind?

The SRM mechanism allows the screen material to retract back into its metal casing unassisted without getting damaged by a rapid ascent which would happen in a regular manual projection screen. For this reason, the SRM prolongs the operational lifespan of the screen. It also acts as a safety feature since the rapid ascent of…

Repositioning the height settings has always been a problem to me. What is the best way to do it?

Give a light jerk in a downward motion to disengage the locking cam. This will allow the spring to draw the screen material up. Guide the screen as it retracts until it has reached its preferred height setting, then pull it down slightly and ease the material until it has locked into place.

Is it difficult to remove this screen from its installation and set it up somewhere else when remodeling my home/business?

Elite’s Manual series of projection screens are completely self contained and can be easily removed from their present fixtures. All that is required is to lift the screen casing upward until its mounting attachment disengages from the wall screws (wall installation) or the D-rings disengage from the ceiling hooks (ceiling installation). The screen can then…