Yard Master 2 WraithVeil® Dual Series FAQ’s

Q: My Yard Master has lines or wrinkles on the material. Will they disappear after stretching or what else can I do to eliminate them?

Wrinkles or lines found on the Yard Master projection material in most cases disappear when the material is stretched over the frame. If in case they don’t, we recommend using a fabric steamer to eliminate any lines or wrinkles.

Q: Will my Yard Master projection screen rust if I leave it outdoors for a long period of time (weeks, etc.)?

Eventually, yes. It is recommended that no projection screen, regardless of manufacturer/model be permanently left outside and exposed directly to the elements. The yardmaster is made for temporary outdoor events such as day excursions or weekend camping trips. It has a rolled sheet steel alloy frame that is coated in a rust-resistant black enamel for…

How many times do we recommend the Elite Yard Master Portable Projector screen material to be folded so it can be properly stored after each use? Is there a preferred number of folds to reduce the presence of wrinkles?

In order to have less memory lines or “wrinkles” from folding, here are a few tips. Don’t fold tightly or try to fold over the material as compact as possible. Both will leave pronounced memory lines. It is recommended to take note of how lightly folded the screen material was when it came from the…

Q: Regarding the Yard Master 2 / Yard Master 2 WraithVeil Dual / Yard Master Plus Series products, Is there an issue with leaving the screen on the frame for long periods of time? Will the screen stretch out? Will the frame eventually warp? I’m looking to avoid constant assembly and disassembly.

The Yard Master 2 / Yard Master 2 WraithVeil Dual / Yard Master Plus Series products are portable outdoor screens that can be left in a safe area outside for a few nights. It is not designed to be a permanent fixed frame and left assembled for a long period of time indoors or outdoors.