Do you need to have a special projector made specifically for a curved screen? Is the focus compromised on the edges or the center?

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Curved screens do not require a special HD (high-definition) projector or lens. Actually, the curve screen is made to enhance the performance of projectors shooting in either a widescreen or cinemascope format. A curved screen’s design primarily improves image depth and perception while increasing brightness uniformity. It also creates a heightened sense of immersion for an improved cinematic experience. When you have a projector with a wide aspect ratio, the light travels a longer distance from the projection lens to the sides of the screen than it does from the lens to the center.  This causes the image to distort into an “hourglass on its side”-shape.  The curve ensures that the light travels an equal distance to all points of the screen so that the image is proportional. The curve also enhances the viewer’s sense of immersion just like in a large movie theater.