Does Elite Screens recommend an enhanced specific adhesive and primer for installation of large size Insta-DE and Insta-DE2 Series Screens?

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In regards to the primer, Elite Screens recommends using PROFESSIONAL R-35 Primer (Click Here for an example). Elite Screens does provide a standard adhesive powder compound for installing our Insta-DE2 screens. If you would like your  Insta DE2 or large size Insta DE screen to have a professional-grade finish that is flat, durable, and free from imperfections, you may be able to do so by creating a stronger adhesive (Elite Screens strongly recommends hiring a professional wallpaper installer for best results). Follow the steps below to create an adhesive compound that is stronger than the adhesive provided:

  1. Combine the adhesive powder that is provided by Elite with 27oz of water. Once mixed this should give you about 30z of a liquid glue compound.
  2. Pour 15oz of that adhesive compound into a separate container/bucket.
  3. Add 15oz of Elmer’s All white glue to the 15oz of adhesive compound liquid. Mix until compound is uniform in texture an appearance.
  4. You can now use this new, stronger compound to install the insta-DE / insta-DE2 to your wall.

This method will work for insta DE and Insta-DE2 sizes up to 5’x10′. For sizes larger than 5’x10′, you would need to increase the amount proportionately. Examples: 5’x20′ would require double the amount of adhesive, 5’x30′ triple the amount, etc.