Q: Does the Wraith Veil rear projection material create a “hotspot” effect?

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The reflective properties of the Wraith Veil rear projection material may cause a hot spot.  This is normal for this material and thus, the following should be considered to reduce the possibility of having a hot spot.

  1. Reduce the output power of the projector. Choose a lower lumens (brightness) setting like Cinema for example.
  2. Avoid using ultra/short-throw projectors since the bulb will be very close to the material.
  3. Move the projector further away from the screen.  This will increase the throw distance of the projector, and will effectively reduce the intensity of the image brightness.
  4. Reposition the projector relative to the audience.  Raising the projector’s height or lowering it so it is not projecting directly into the viewer’s line of sight.  Use vertical lens shift to achieve vertical off-axis projection and use the keystone adjuster to restore the image’s rectangular shape.
  5. Another idea is to position the projector horizontally off-axis so that the projector’s glare will not be in the viewer’s line of sight.