AirFlex5D™ AF5D-21

A: Airflex5D Systems are designed to offer flexibility in increasing brightness for projection image by stacking 2, 4, 6 or more projectors. Furthermore, Airflex5D System also supports passive 3D when used with polarizing filters. Airflex5D uses the same filters found in commercial cinemas. Other features include geometry correction and dome/curved screen projection and multiple projector edge blending.

A: Airflex5D System is a digital multi-projector stacking system. It precisely aligns 2 or more images both vertically and horizontally. When aligned perfectly, 2 images will become one, pixel for pixel and double the brightness.

A: With Airflex5D System, you can stack multiple images without any pc system. For 3D display, all you need are AF5D, polarized filters, 2 projectors polarized silver screen (ex. AirBright 3D2 screen material from Elite Screens)

A: No, all you need is 2 regular projectors. “3D Ready” Projectors utilize active shutters, these shutters close and open rapidly to control what your left eye and right eye see. Most viewers experience dizziness and/or ghosting. With Airflex5D System, you are getting commercial-grade passive 3D. When paired with full 1080P projectors, what you see is cinema-grade 3D in the comfort of your own home.

A: AF5D passive 3D system is designed with high end video processor with “Zero Latency” RH/LH synchronization algorithm is the key to get comfortable cinema-grade 3D display. Besides HDMI 1.4 3D formats, it can support Sony 1080i 60Hz frame packed special 3D format from TD 20/30 3D Camcorder and PC frame sequential active 3D 1080p 100/120Hz 3D formats which most of other competitor can’t. Most of AF5D devices are also designed with multiple
inputs for directly connection with PC and multiple consumer products. It can also serve a processor for active 3D to support 1080p/24Hz frame packed 3D from Blu-ray.

A: Airflex5D is an image processor that allows you to stack multiple projectors to create one single image. By using multiple projectors, Airflex5D effectively increases the brightness of the image. This not only increases the performance of any projection system, it is also very cost effective (See how Airflex5D saves cost HERE). Compared to typical high lumen projectors, Airflex5D can create high lumen projection system at a fraction of the cost. In addition, Airflex5D provides flexibility and control over the brightness of image. Use one at night, or two (or more) in high ambient light environments. In case of a malfunctioning projector, other projector(s) will remain operational to keep your theater operational.

A: Stacking Multiple Projectors to amplify lumens (brightness) will not change the Projection Image Contrast Ratio. (Ex. if you stack 2pcs of 2500 Lumens, 10,000 Contrast Ratio Projectors, you should get 5000 Lumens and same 10,000 Contrast Ratio).

A: AF5D-30 is capable of scaling 2D material to 3D. Please note, the input source frame rate should not be 24Hz or 30Hz. We recommend users apply 60Hz input source.