Case Study: Elite ProAV® Tension Pro Series at Triedstone Missionary Baptist Church


Large venue projection screens are an essential component in house of worship applications. Elite ProAV® offers a wide selection of projection screens to accommodate large group presentations. The most commonly requested are electric “roll-up” formats. In this case, the large 235-inch Tension Pro electric ...

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Case Study: CineTension 2 Dual at Beverly Hills Playhouse

  • Date:  Jan 15, 2019
  • Location: Beverly Hills Playhouse- Beverly Hills, CA
  • Product: CineTension 2 Dual Series (TE150HR2-DUAL)
  • Website: (Click Here)


Classroom Link:
Video Link:

Main Article:

Although Elite’s videographer documented the installation, the case study would remain incomplete until an authentic testimonial was acquired. For this, Miles Cooper, an actor at the Beverly Hills Playhouse sat down to give his testimonial after using the screen on multiple occasions. The venue is 35 years old and has been the home of many Hollywood A-list celebrities.

Beverly Hills Playhouse features a scene ...

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Case Study: Elite Screens ezCinema 2 (F107XWH2) “free-standing” portable pull-up projection screen in Long Beach Buddhist Church

Case Study: ezCinema 2 (F107XWH2) “Free-standing” Portable pull-up projection screen in Long Beach Buddhist Church


  • Location: Long Beach Buddhist Church
  • Contact: Minister Gyokei Yokoyama
  • Product: ezCinema 2 (F107XWH2) Portable Free-standing Projection Screen
  • Projector: Epson 1060
  • Installer or End-User: DIY by Congregation Staff
  • Video Link: (Click Here)


Main Article:

Portable free-standing projector screens play a huge role in providing a convenient large video display where wall or ceiling installations are not practical. Such environments include multi-purpose rooms, corporate or training facilities, residential applications and in this case, churches, temples, and other houses of worship.

A recent feature ...

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Case Study : Elite Screens ezFrame CineGrey 5D® Series in a Canadian Residential Application

Case Study : Elite Screens ezFrame CineGrey 5D® Series in a Canadian Residential Application


  • Date: March 5, 2019
  • Location: Canada
    • Venue: Residential Installation (DIY)
    • Consumer Name: Matthew
  • Product: ezFrame CineGrey 5D® Series
  • Projector: NEC NP-PE401H 1080P Projector


Customer Testimonial:

Hello Elite Screens, I currently purchased the Cinegrey 5d screen for my living room, and I don't have enough words to describe how amazing the screen quality is. I have it connected to an old NED projector that shoots out 1080P however pushing out 4K and even 8K streams makes the images come alive ...

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Case Study : Elite Screens Demonstrates the Yard Master 2 WraithVeil™ Dual Portable Front-Rear Projection Screen at Compton High School

Case Study : Elite Screens Demonstrates the Yard Master 2 WraithVeil™ Dual Portable Front-Rear Projection Screen at Compton High School


  • Date: April 2019
  • Location: Compton, CA
  • Venue: Compton High School
  • Contact: Ryan Hensman
  • Product: Yard Master 2 WraithVeil™ Dual “portable 2-way projection screen” 180” 16:9 aspect ratio (OMS180H2-Dual)
  • Projector: Multiple
  • Video Link: (Click Here)


Main Article:

Large portable projection displays are often the best solution for K-12 applications. A constant problem with presenting at schools is the absence of dedicated wall space for large video displays. Large TV flat panels may be used but getting one in an appropriate size ...

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Elite Screens Starling Tab-Tension2 (STT150WH2-E6) 150” 16:9 Electric Projection Screen is Featured at the Skyline Penthouse Loft - Los Angeles

the Skyline Penthouse Loft - Los Angeles


Video link -


Project Details:

Date:  May 31, 2019

  • Starling Tab-Tension2 (STT150WH2-E6) 150” 16:9 Electric Projection Screen
  • Projector used: Multiple
  • Venue: Skyline Loft – Los Angeles, Ca.


Skyline Penthouse Inspirational Studios hosts video & photography shoots, film screenings, corporate presentations and other private events.  The venue boasts spectacular views of Downtown Los Angeles from a high-rise commercial setting with open floor plans and large windows all around. The Penthouse Loft is a whitewashed 6000 square foot (1829m²) interior ...

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Just Doin' Life Reviews Elite Screens’ Reflexion Series & ezCinema 2 Portable Projection Screens

  • Projector Used in the Evaluation: Sony a6300 & Sony a5100
  • Projection Screen Used: Reflexion (FM110H) & ezCinema 2 (F107XWH2) Portable Projection Screens
  • Video Link: (Click Here)



YouTube Channel AV Expert, Antwan of Just Doin’ Life Evaluates Elite’s New Lines of Reflexion (FM110H) & ezCinema 2 (F107XWH2) Portable Projection Screens

What good is having a great projector if you don't have a great screen to project on? Just Doin’ Life’s Antwan, checks out the Elite Screens ezCinema2 107” 16:9 (F107XWH2) & Reflexion Series 110” 16:9 ( FM110H ) portable projector ...

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Elite Screens Starling 2 Series 135” 16:9 Electric Projection Screen is Featured at Knowlwood, an Iconic American Restaurant in Irvine California

  • Date: June 18, 2019
  • Product: Starling 2 Series (ST135UWH2-E6) 135” 16:9 Electric Projection Screen Projector used: Multiple
  • Venue: Knowlwood Restaurant – Irvine, Ca.
  • Video Link: (Click Here)


Knowlwoods Restaurant in Irvine, California is part of a local chain that has been nothing short of iconic to Southern Californians for decades now.  They were in need of a big screen solution for their dining room and a new electric screen from Elite turned out to be the right tool for the job. Ken Charles spoke for the popular restaurant chain as our video production team ...

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Case Study : Old World Village in Huntington Beach uses Elite Screen’s Yard Master Series of Outdoor Projection Screens

  • Product: Yard Master Series Projection Screens
  • Venue: Old World Village- Huntington Beach, Ca.
  • Video Link: (Click Here)


A popular Southern California landmark known for its annual Oktoberfest celebrations demonstrates its Yard Master Electric outdoor motorized projection screen as well as the Yard Master portable free-standing screen for special occasions

Old World Village is a landmark shopping center that is designed in the style of an alpine village. It offers a variety of traditional European-themed specialty shops and restaurants. Tanya Kara, Old World’s Social Media Manager gave a wonderful assessment of ...

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Case Study : Yard Master Electric Tension Outdoor Motorized Screen uses 2-Way “Dual” Projection Material at Woodfire Kabob in Laguna Hills

  • Product: Yard Master Electric Tension Series (OMS100H-ELECTRODUAL)
  • Venue: Woodfire Kabob in Laguna Hills, CA
  • Video Link: (Click Here)


Woodfire Kabob Restaurant in South Orange County has become a favorite with connoisseurs of fine Mediterranean/Persian dining.  A well-made 2-way projection screen is ideal for venues where the screen is used mid-room with eyes on the front and back of the screen.

Established in 2013, Woodfire Kabob Restaurant in Laguna Hills features the same savory gourmet meals as its sister locations, Heidar Baba Restaurant in Pasadena and Ansar Gallery super market in ...

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Case Study: Spectrum Tab-Tension 2 Electric and Manual Tab-Tension 2 Wall/Ceiling Projector Screens at Anaheim Hot-Spot, Decades Bar & Grill

  • Product: Spectrum Tab-Tension 2 (ELECTRIC125-HT) and Manual Tab-Tension 2 (MT125XWH2)
  • Venue: Decades Bar & Grill in Anaheim, CA
  • Video Link: Spectrum Tab-Tension 2 (Click Here) Manual Tab-Tension 2 (Click Here)


Manual (MT125-XWH2) and Electric (ELECTRIC125-HT) 125” “roll-up” projection screens demonstrate their versatility at a well-known restaurant and bar that has become a popular draw for Southern Californians with a flair for 1980s-1990s nostalgia.

Just minutes from Disneyland, Decades Bar and Grill is a popular venue for live events, private parties, or a fun night out. Located in Anaheim’s historic ...

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Case Study: Evanesce In-Ceiling Electric Screen with Acoustically Transparent Material in Palm Springs Home

Case Study: Evanesce In-Ceiling Electric Screen with Acoustically Transparent Material in Palm Springs Home


  • Date:  January 2018
  • Location:  Palm Springs, CA
  • Event: Residential Installation- Matthew Hensman
  • Product: Evanesce In-Ceiling Electric Screen with Acoustically Transparent Material (IHOME126H2-E12-AUHD)
  • Projector Used: Panasonic
  • Video Link: (Click Here)


Creating a home theater can be done in many ways. From non-invasive free-standing screens, to large fixed-frames, or to having an electric roll-up screen. However, a growing favorite involves discretion and the best way to accomplish that is to have an integrated projection screen that comes directly out of the ceiling ...

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Case Study: Spectrum Acoustically Transparent “4K” (Electric125H-AUHD)

Case Study: Spectrum Acoustically Transparent “4K” (Electric125H-AUHD)



Chris, a home theater connoisseur from California purchased a Spectrum 125-inch projection screen to go with his home theater system.  It drops down over his much smaller flat panel TV and speakers. The fine “UHD” weave allows sound to penetrate the material with minimal reduction and is finely woven to accommodate today’s high-resolution projectors. He puts the screen through its paces demonstrating its sound ...

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Case Study: Spectrum with Sector 111 Racing Company

Case Study: Spectrum with Sector 111 Racing Company



Shinoo Mapleton is a Detroit native and avid racing enthusiast. His company, Sector 111 is an after-market specialist of lightweight sports cars. He uses Elite’s Spectrum Electric projection screen in presentations for customers demonstrating video footage on the performance of their cars on the canyon and racetrack courses. 

Like so many businesses, there must be the initial presentation for customers to visually get the big ...

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Case Study: VMAX Dual® Projection Screen in Corona Residence

Case Study: VMAX Dual® Projection Screen in Corona Residence (VMAX100H95C)


  • Date:  April 2018
  • Location:  Corona, California
  • Event: Residential Installation
  • Product: VMAX Dual (16:9/2.35:1) Electric Screen
  • Video Link: (Click Here)


Dual-format projection screens are growing in popularity due to the sheer affordability of projectors today. When you consider the tradeoff between the cost of an 80” flat panel versus the cost advantage of a projector with screen that will create an image that is upwards of about 100 inches and beyond. What makes the VMAX “Dual” stand out from other electric projection screens is ...

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Case Study: CineTension B Series at Mack Sennett Studios, Los Angeles

Case Study: CineTension B Series at Mack Sennett Studios, Los Angeles (TE110HW2B-E24)


  • Date:  May 2018
  • Location:  Los Angeles, California
  • Event: Commercial Application - Mack Sennett Studios
  • Interviewee: Jesse Rogg of Point Blank
  • Product: CineTension B Series TE110HW2B-E24
  • Video Link: (Click Here)


The CineTension B is a workaday projection screen that Elite crafted to fulfill an inexpensive role without cutting corners on the quality. A great testimonial for this is the screen’s use at the world-famous Mack Sennett Studios. We interviewed Jesse Rogg and got a great testimonial. At the time of filming, the CineTension B screen ...

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Case Study: The Ridge Theater (TYM) 2018

Case Study: The Ridge Theater (TYM) 2018


  • Date: July 2018
  • Installer or End-user: Brad Montgomery, Creative Director/Media Contact
  • Location:  West Sandy, UT
  • Company Name: TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters
  • Projector Used: Sony ES375 4K Video Projector
  • Product: EPV Screens Prime Vision ISF- SE150H2-ISF
  • Project Landing Page: (Click Here)
  • EH Magazine Article: (Click Here)


Every masterpiece begins with a blank canvas. From the humble beginnings a dream-worthy cinema shall emerge. This photo was taken during the process of sound-proofing, wiring and preparing for installing the ceiling and what will become an amazing star-scape.

At first, they look like tiny vines dropping ...

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Case Study: Starling Tab-Tension 2 CineGrey 5D® at Safe Place for Youth in Venice, Ca.

Case Study: Starling Tab-Tension 2 CineGrey 5D® at Safe Place for Youth in Venice, Ca. (STT92UHD5-E12)


  • Date: July 2018
  • Location:  Venice, California
  • Event: Commercial application- Safe Place for Youth, urban drop-in center
  • Interviewee: Cody Metzger, Development Officer
  • Product: Starling Tab-Tension 2 CineGrey 5D (STT92UHD5-E12)
  • Video: (Click Here)


(Click Image for Video)

Recently, Elite received an order for an Electric projection screen that has ambient light rejecting (ALR) capabilities to be used in an urban youth mentorship facility. The choice was for a Starling Tab-Tension 2 CineGrey 5D in a 92” diagonal size and a 16:9 aspect ratio...

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Case Study : DIY Pro Screen at Griffith Observatory Mars Event

Case Study: DIY Pro Screen at Griffith Observatory Mars Event


  • Date: July 30-31, 2018
  • Location: Griffith Park Observatory- Los Angeles, Ca
  • Event: Mars Close Approach
  • Product: DIY Pro Series (DIY236H1)
  • Venue: (Click Here)
  • Video: (Click Here)



High in the hills overlooking downtown Los Angeles stands the iconic Griffith Observatory. The Observatory’s staff approached Elite Screens with a need of an outdoor projection screen that handles easy and could be stretched upon an improvised framework they made for an upcoming event.  They chose a large 236” DIY Pro outdoor projection screen that would give thousands ...

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Case Study: Aeon Cinegrey 3D® with the LG HU80KA “Presto” 4K Laser Projector Residential Application in Germany

•    Date:  October 01, 2018
•    Location:  Private Residence, Germany
•    Event: DIY Residential Home Theater
•    Screen: Aeon Cinegrey 3D® (AR135DHD3)  
•    Projector: LG HU80KA Presto 4K Laser Projector


This new installation testimonial comes from a customer in Germany who beautifully demonstrated just how easy it is to get a high-performance big screen presentation into your living space with a minimal amount of time or effort. For this installation, the customer selected an LG Presto 4K laser projector (LG HU80KA) and Elite’s Aeon Cinegrey 3D® (AR135DHD3)

Installation was really. The end user ...

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Galaxy Theater Installation Wins Gold in the EH Home of the Year 2018 Award ($25-75k installations)

  • DateAug. 15, 2018
  • Event: Custom Home Installation
  • Product: Peregrine A4K Projection Screen (PGF138WH1W-A4K)
  • Installer –TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters (Sandy, UT)


EH Magazine Link:
Installer’s Web Link:


Main Article About the Installation:

It is always a pleasure to see TYM complete their latest work of art. There are many great brands of projection screen manufacturers out there to choose from and any time an installer such as TYM chooses our brand for an installation, it’s a real honor. This is doubly so when such an installation wins an award from a prestigious industry publication such as EH Magazine. ...

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Case Study : Aeon CineGrey 3D® Series- South Dakota

Aeon AR120DHD3 Ambient Light Rejecting Screen crushes Ambient Light in Sioux City Residential Media Room

  • Date:  Mar. 28, 2017
  • Location:  Sioux Falls, SD
  • Product: Aeon Series (Cinegrey 3D®) AR120DHD3
  • Installer: Rick (Residential)
  • Customer Comment – “One big benefit of this screen was that it is edgeless. and that it supports 3D and that its 120" and fits on my wall perfectly”.


Like so many Americans, Rick of Sioux Falls, South Dakota has created a home theater – media room for his family, friends, and his own enjoyment. Some church-style pews serve as a convenient seating ...

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Case Study : Aeon CLR® Series- Phoenix, Arizona

Aeon AR100H-CLR “Ceiling Light Rejecting®”  Projection Screen Demonstrates How It Can Negate Bright Room Lighting to Deliver “Flat Panel” Performance in a Larger-Than-Life Size.


  • Date:  April 11, 2017
  • Location:  Phoenix, AZ
  • Product: Aeon CLR® Series AR100H-CLR
  • Installer: Individual “DIY” Home Theater Installation
  • Projector Used: Optoma GT-5500 (Ultra Short Throw)


Tell us about a project in which you used this product?
The CLR® projector screens present a fantastic element to residential media rooms in particular. In Phoenix Arizona, Thomas shows off the superb installation he created using an Optoma GT-5500 ultra short throw (UST) projector. It replaced the household TV screen with a larger-than-life image that enhances the ...

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Case Study : Candela La Brea

  • Date:  April 3, 2017
  • Location:  Candela La Brea Los Angeles, CA
  • Product: Aeon AR180WH2
  • Installer: Omar
  • Projector(s) Used: Multiple projectors, ceiling mount


Large venues make up a big portion in commercial projection design. In addition to the necessity for a large screen surface, there are a lot of challenges as well. It has to look great, not good but actually deliver a phenomenal performance. It also needs to stand up to the effects of ambient lighting from a variety of sources which is abundant during  large venue presentations.  


In this case, Candela La Brea is one of the hottest spots in ...

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Case Study : ezCinema Series at Holiday Inn- Buena Park, CA

Case Study : Holiday Inn - Buena Park, CA. (ezCinema F135NWH)


  • Date:  June 26, 2017
  • Location:  Holiday Inn. (Buena Park, CA)
  • Event: Outreach Ambassador’s Academy
  • Product: ezCinema F135NWH
  • Installer: Dave McNeil, Trainer (End User)
  • Projector(s) Used: Multiple projectors, numerous events
  • Video Link: (Click Here)


Elite has made it a priority to offer plus-sized portable projector screens to accommodate a variety of large venues and so often, that means conference rooms and training events. Getting the message out loud and clear requires visual aids crafted to be easily perceived by an audience. Equally as important, they should be easily manageable. In ...

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Case Study: Evanesce in Laguna Beach Residence

Case Study: Evanesce in Laguna Beach Residence


  • Date:  December 2017
  • Location:  Laguna Beach, CA
  • Venue: Residential Installation
  • Product: Evanesce IHOME126HW2-E20
  • Installer: Paul Parker (Homeowner)
  • Video Link: (Click Here)


Product Notes: Documentation of residential in-ceiling installation of the Evanesce projector screen by Elite. The Evanesce is a fully contained in-ceiling electric projection screen. It is encased in a white-enameled aluminum housing for convenient installation. There are tensioned and non-tensioned variants available with matte white projection surfaces in 4:3, 16:9, 16:10, and 2.35:1 aspect ratios in sizes from 84”–139”. Control package includes IR and RF receivers, remote controls, RJ45 ...

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Case Study : Calvary Chapel East Anaheim

  • Date:  Feb. 22, 2017
  • Location:  Calvary Chapel East Anaheim
  • Product: Aeon Series - Model #: AR120WH2


Aeon Series Testimonial Video from Calvary Chapel East Anaheim


Projector used with the Screen:  Multiple UST (Ultra Short-Throw) Projectors

Product Notes: House of worship application requiring an alternative to standard-throw projection source due to high foot traffic presence.  

Project location: Anaheim, CA


Houses of Worship have proven to present a wide range of both challenges and opportunities when using projection technologies. For this reason, a screen manufacturer must have a myriad of solutions on hand. In the past, Elite has posted case studies on ...

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Case Study : Residential Installation – Aachen, Germany

  • Date:  Feb.11, 2017
  • Location:  Aachen, Germany (Residential)
  • Product: Sable Frame (Cinegrey 3D®) ER100DHD3
  • Projector: Sony VPL HW65
  • Installer: Heinrich (Residential)
  • Customer Comment – “Great screen for living rooms with bright colored ceiling and walls”.


Residential applications come with a set of requirements as diverse as the homes into which each installation goes. Throughout Europe, urban residential installations present many of the same challenges that we encounter here in the US. It must be minimally invasive but more importantly, you’ll be working in an environment where there is a high amount of ambient light.


In Aachen, Germany, one of ...

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Case Study: ezFrame Series at Laguna Playhouse in Laguna Beach, CA (May. 4, 2016)

Elite Screens Featured at the World Renowned Laguna Playhouse

The historic theater in one of America’s most prestigious communities features
Elite’s ezFrame projection screen as a center-stage attraction through its nightly performances.

Elite’s dedication to superb performance specifications has resulted in the use of its product lines everywhere from celebrity home theaters to businesses, training facilities and government installations.  However, the best compliment may come from its use in the paradigm of performance standards, theater. Jim Prodger, the Laguna Playhouse Operations Director, has over 30-years experience in ...

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Case Study: Quickstand 5-Second at Sun City Church

Why Talk About Portable Screens in Churches?

Providing specialty solutions are an essential part of an AV manufacturer’s success. Although House of Worship fixed installations are commonly documented, comparatively little is said for portable church applications. Sometimes a permanent facility can be superfluous to a young congregation’s growth and evangelizing requires an “out of the box” approach where resources are better used by not maintaining a permanent address.

Many mobile congregations are completely on their own in trying to determine what products are best suited to their specific ...

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Case Study: QuickStand 5-Second Series at University AME Zion Church in Palo Alto, CA

The Versatility of Mobile Projector Screens in Church Applications is Essential


Versatility is key with big screen displays in houses of worship. This is true regardless if it is for the large platform of a mega-church or the intimate surroundings of a neighborhood congregation. A dynamic product that can aid in numerous functions and have the mobility to accommodate multiple event scenarios is essential. The QuickStand 5-Second series has found its niche as a favorite for large group presentations and has become the ideal product for countless churches. It is designed to withstand the hard use of stage performances, ...

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Case Study: Elite's Yard Master is Center Stage at Anza Borrego Event

SD Collective Hosts Desert Festival Featuring Elite's Yard Master as the Star of the Night's Entertainment

(Click image for Video)


Whether it's the holiday events upon us now or the coming Spring, outdoor projection screens have established their place as a vital centerpiece for the evening festivities. Recently, a successful desert festival in Southern California demonstrated how fun an outdoor projection system can and should be. The setup and take-down should be so effortless as to ...

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Case Study: ezFrame2 (R165WH2) Projection Screen at Faith Community Church in Carlsbad, California ( Jan. 21, 2015 )

Case Study: Faith Community Church: Carlsbad, California

By Dave Rodgers: Marketing Manager, Elite Screens Inc.

January 21, 2015

Nestled among new housing tracts at the base of the coastal hills in Carlsbad California is Faith Community Church.  Its members represent a cross section of Americans living in the seaside resort city and they are well accustomed to the quality audio/visual performance through their daily encounters with quality AV systems at home and in public.  This is important because, the average worshiper subconsciously develops a standard of how good sound and visual performance should be.  Although it is important to provide comparable quality for ...

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Case Study: ezFrame CineGrey 5D® (R120DHD5) at Madang Tofu House in Chino Hills, CA ( July. 15, 2014 )

Installer  or end-user name/title?

Madang Tofu House Restaurant  (used private contract installer) screen installed during restaurant remodel.

Company Name/Contact?
Madang Tofu House and Korean BBQ (Manager contact: Shane)
Tel: 909.628.4700 Fax: 909.628.4750

Company location?
Address: 12959 Peyton Dr. STE B, Chino Hills, CA 91709 (USA)

Manufacturer Commentary on Installation:
Although Ambient Light Rejecting screens were made for the home theater market, some are finding their niche in the restaurant and hospitality industry. The Madang Tofu ...

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Case Study: PolarStar® at Buffalo Wild Wings (Feb. 21, 2014)

The PolarStar® by Elite Prime Vision® Brings
Superior Ambient Light Performance to Local S. California Sports Bar




Local Southern California sports bar needed a better solution for having a projection screen in an environment with high levels of ambient light. Their current screen was both costly and ill equipped to present any picture quality without being washed out by daytime lighting. Elite Prime Vision®, the dedicated CI product line for Elite Screens Inc., rose to the occasion with a product that provided both a superior projected image and a sustainable ...

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Case Study: WhiteBoardScreen™ Universal at INLAND AUDIO VISUAL LTD Distributed by ADI Canada

Your title?
Andrew Kray, Salesman, Field Installations

Company Name?
INLAND AUDIO VISUAL LTD Distributed by ADI Canada         

Company location?
Winnipeg, MB

Company Website?

Tell us about a project in which you used this product?
WhiteBoardScreen™ Universal 87” Was needed for a business installation in a physical therapy office. Other options were at first tried but ultimately, the job called for a full prefabricated whiteboard product. Elite sent over a WB87XW (87” 16:10 WXGA aspect ratio)

Which of the product’s specific features or specs were instrumental in your decision to use...

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Case Study : Evanesce Tension B Series (ITE135HW2-E8), Joseph Wu Residence in Hacienda Heights, CA (Jul. 22, 2014)

Installer name/title:  Joseph Wu, Homeowner
*Secondary assistance from Eric Hensman (videographer) and friend
Product: Evanesce Tension B (ITE135HW2-E8) “In-ceiling” electric projection screen
Project location : Residential Installation, Hacienda Heights
Accompanying Product: 
Epson 5020UB projector (3 LCD 1080p with 3d capabilities)

Detail of installation environment:  Hilltop residence with  35’ long x 18’ wide room with 11’ high ceiling. 180° full glass wall panel visibility. In-Ceiling projection Screen. Elite 135” in ceiling screen was used with ceiling-mounted Epson 5020UB projector. 
End user testimonial:
This was my first time planning a theater room install and I wanted it ...

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Case Study : Lunette 235 Series, High Tech Homes in Grapevine, TX (Sep. 11, 2012)

•    Name/Title: Chris Poulan, President
•    Company Information: Hi-Tech Homes, Grapevine, Texas

For your custom installation, what features do you favor in your projection screens? Why?
When we are selecting a screen for our customers, most are looking for a great product at a reasonable price.  Customers looking for huge WOW factor are easily  impressed with the Lunette Series.  Being able to provide customers with a 2:35 curved screen at an affordable price is a huge advantage for us.  With the Lunette Series screen we can give customers the million ...

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Case Study : PVR180GH1 at Community Chapel World Outreach in Norwalk, CA (Oct. 26, 2011)

  • Location: Community Chapel World Outreach:  Norwalk, CA.
  • Date: Oct. 26, 2011
  • Product:  PVR180GH1

Q. What are some of the most common mistakes you see made in selection of, position of, mounting of, or anything else relating to projection screens, in the House of Worship market? And for each listed, what should have the church done instead?

  1. I have seen a lot of church installations that were so focused on putting up a projected image that they forgot all about the aesthetic value and its importance to the members of the congregation.  Regardless of it being ...

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