Geekbeat.TV Covers Award Winning Ambient Light Rejecting Material at CES 2015

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With the dust still settling from the recent International CES 2015 event in Las Vegas, the media is hard at work sifting through mountains of information, publishing stories and polling their audiences on what they think of our industry's latest steps in electronic technology. No doubt, the job ahead will go on for months. Among our many appearances, one of my all time favorites, Geekbeat.TV came to the booth. They have put our product through its paces in the past and they don't pull the punches if they feel their viewers won't find a true value here. Fortunately, we came through with flying colors.

The hot topic in projection technology is the Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) projection screens of which Elite produces several variants for both the CE Retail and Dedicated CI sales channels. Below is a quick lineup of our various ALR products making waves in the last Year. They essentially take projection out of the dark places and into any room regardless of ambient light. This new technology has made it possible for the projection screen to assume the television's role as the dominant centerpiece of any home media system.

  1. Cinegrey 5D®: Retail Grade ALR Projection Screen
  2. Aeon CLR®: Retail grade "EDGE FREE®" CLR® Projection Screen
  3. PolarStar®: Enhanced (Dedicated Custom Install) ALR
  4. eFinity PolarStar®: Enhanced "EDGE FREE®" (Dedicated CI) ALR
  5. DarkStar® / DarkStar® 9: Enhanced retro-reflective ALR (Dedicated CI)

Check out the section below on the various awards won by these products in just the last year. Our goal is always to give you the best in the latest innovation.

Thanks again and here’s to a great new year.

Dave Rodgers
Marketing Manager, Elite Screens Inc.


Recent Awards/Citiations Won By Elite ALR Screens Over The Last Year

twice ces196

TWICE 2015 CES Picks Award (Winner)
Aeon ALR:  Retail grade "EDGE FREE®" ALR Projection Screen

Awards Excellence

CEA Tech Home 2015 Product of the Year Award (Winner)
DarkStar® 9Enhanced retro-reflective ALR with ISF certification (Dedicated CI)

finalist techhome196

CEA Tech Home 2015 Product of the Year Award (Finalist)
eFinity PolarStar®: Enhanced "EDGE FREE®" (Dedicated CI) ALR

Awards RP2015

Religious Product News 2014 Hot Products Award (Winner)
CineGrey 5D®Retail Grade ALR Projection Screen

excite 2014.196

Technology Integrator Magazine 2014 EXCITE Award (Winner)
DarkStar®: Enhanced retro-reflective ALR (Dedicated CI)

TWICE14 VIPAward logo196

TWICE Magazine 2014 VIP Award (Winner)
Cinegrey 5D®: Retail Grade ALR Projection Screen

Awards CEPro2014

CE Pro 2014 BEST Award (Finalist)
PolarStar®: Enhanced (Dedicated Custom Install) ALR

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