EPV® Peregrine 4K In Award Winning Case Study

It’s always a pleasure for a brand to be front and center for a high-end installation but it really is an honor to hear known industry experts speak so highly of your product. Recently EPV® had their Peregrine A4K (acoustically transparent UHD) projector screen installed by TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters of Sandy, Utah as part of an award-winning integrated home project. There are beautiful installations and then there is mind-blowing excellence that wins The People’s Choice Award at the 69th annual Salt Lake Parade of Homes. Please take a moment and check out the outstanding work that TYM did. It really is an honor to have our product chosen for such amazing work.


Installer Company Name:
TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters

9284 S 300 W Sandy, Utah 84070


Installer Individual Name: 
* Greg Montgomery, THX Certified Professional, TYM 
* Matt Montgomery, Home Systems Designer, TYM

EPV® Screens Product used in the installation:
EPV® Screens Peregrine A4K


Individual quotes on the Installation and the EPV® Screens Product:

I needed a screen that could provide the best possible surface for Ultra HD projection, while being acoustically transparent. I chose the EPV® Screens Peregrine A4K specifically because of it’s tight acoustic weave—which is virtually invisible—allowing viewers to get the full benefit of the Sony 4K projection. The screen has excellent color accuracy and brightness, and the tight acoustic weave allowed the rich reference-level sound quality of the Paradigm CI Elite speakers and subwoofers to shine.
—Greg Montgomery, Home Theater Designer


More than 12,000 people visited this home during the Salt Lake Parade of Homes, afterwards it was voted ‘PEOPLE’S CHOICE WINNER’. Visitors would turn a corner, see the open-designed theater and gasp. It was truly a showstopper. The amphitheater design, the twinkling stars, and the incredible Dolby Atmos system and stunning 4K image quality absolutely wowed visitors. The entire home had impressive audio/video integration and Savant home automation, but the theater stole the show. The builder was so happy that TYM was given the ‘Most Valuable Partner’ award. Most importantly, the homeowners and their family absolutely love their new home theater. The EPV® Screens Peregrine A4K was the ideal choice for this unique, high-performance space.” 
—Matt Montgomery, Lead Project Designer


The final space for the screen was a different size than initially planned for. So we needed a custom size screen and frame on a uber tight deadline to make the Parade opening day. Our friends at EPV® Screens, stepped up big time. They made sure we had the perfect size screen on the time line we needed. We couldn’t have done it without them.” 
—Matt Montgomery, President, TYM LLC.


Please take a moment to visit the site, and see just how fantastic this installation is. I look forward to speaking with you about our certified and award-winning product lines and how we may assist you with achieving your business goals through this year and many more to come.


Best regards.


Jeff Klida, EPV® Screens VP of Sales


About the Peregrine A4K


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 The Peregrine A4K uses EPV®’s latest and most refined acoustically transparent projection material. It allows sound to breathe through the material with a minimal attenuation while presenting a high resolution 4K (4096 x 2160 pixel ratio) image free from moiré artifacts. The revolutionary concept of superior picture quality and outstanding audio performance is produced in the most commonly requested sizes giving it both a price and availability advantage for installers on a project that until now, was available at a prohibitive cost and long build time.
About the People's Choice Award:

 Most of our awards are made by professionals within the industry. An example would be an architect helps decide who may win "Best Architecture." These awards are an important measure because it is nice to be recognized by peers. The people's choice award is what our customers, clients, and the public see as noteworthy. This award is coveted because the masses have set this home up as a standard bearer.

About TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters:
Founded in 2009, TYM (pronounced ‘time’) is an award-winning leader in audio/video, automation, and custom integration. Along with a strong teams in Utah and Idaho, the four Montgomery brothers, Matt, Greg, Scott, and Brad combine their backgrounds in IT, programming, audio/video production, live television production, and design, to create custom solutions for the discerning clients. (Read More)

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EPV® email. sales@epvscreens.com 
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