Elite Screens Aeon CineGrey 3D® (AR120H-ATD3) Acoustically Transparent, Ceiling & Ambient Rejecting Screen Light

Elite Screens Aeon CineGrey 3D® (AR120H-ATD3) is Acoustically Transparent, Rejects Ceiling & Ambient Light and is Featured in the Latest Video from Elite Screens


Elite Screens, AEON CineGrey 3D® AT Ceiling & Ambient Light Rejecting Projection screen for Standard Throw Projectors, is now Acoustically Transparent.

The Aeon CineGrey® 3D AT Series is a fixed frame projection screen that is perforated for acoustic transparency. The screen format is mounted using a stylish Edge Free® design. The thin frame design maximizes the viewing area into a smaller footprint which is more appealing in appearance and in accommodating room décor.


About the Aeon CineGrey 3D® AT (AR120H-ATD3) Ceiling Light Rejecting, Acoustically Transparent Screen



ISF Certified 1.2 gain CineGrey 3D® ALR/CLR® material
Sleek EDGE FREE® design
Acoustically Transparent perforated for in-wall speakers




About the Imaging Science Foundation "ISF" Certification

Reference grade picture quality
Neutral Color Temperature
Superior Color Contrast
Enhanced Black-White Dynamic Range


Quality and Reliability

2-Year / 3-Year ENR-G Manufacturer's Warranty by Elite Screens, an ISO9001 manufacturer since 2004
Lifetime Tech Support by Elite's Professional Service Team through Email, Web Chat or Toll Free Phone Call



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