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Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Q: Can I use the Insta-RP / Insta-RP2 as both a front and rear projection surface?

A: While one may project images on the front of the surface of the Insta-RP/Insta-RP2…the quality of the reflected image may not perform equally, and therefore reduce the overall fidelity of the picture .

Q: What is the minimum lens throw ratio of the Insta-RP/Insta-RP2? Can I use an ultra/short-throw projector?

A: The minimum lens throw ratio is 0.2 x image width. Yes,  all projectors with minimum 0.2 lens throw ratio are all compatible with the Insta-RP/Insta-RP2.

Q: Can the Insta-DE, Insta-DE 2, Insta-DE 2a, Insta-DE 2af Screen be cut to a custom size to fit a particular set of dimensions? If it is possible, do you recommend a particular tool to get the cut right?

A: Yes, the Insta-DE, DE 2, DE 2a, and DE 2af can be cut to size.  It is strongly recommended to use a long ruler and a sharp blade such as an exacto/utility knife or a precision cutter tool to make a smooth precise cut. Make sure the blade is new.