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Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team

PC Magazine Reviews the DIY Wall 2 (DIYW135H2)

PC Magazine requested a well made, cost-effective outdoor theater screen for a review. Elite's DIY Wall 2 Series is an excellent way to create many summertime memories.

PC Magazine's M. David Stone approached us for a cost-effective outdoor projection screen that is the easiest solution to be set up or packed away with a minimal amount time or effort. The DIY Wall 2 is the perfect answer for such a request.

Have a look at the review below and read the full content on the PC Magazine link. We have an extensive selection to choose from and the DIY Wall 2 is the ideal solution for summertime backyard presentations.



Elite Screens DIY Wall 2 DIYW135H2

Outdoor portable screens, like the Elite Screens Yard Master 2 OMS100H2, typically offer sturdier frames. In many cases, the frames break apart or fold up so you can transport them easily, and the screen is a separate piece that you mount on the frame each time you set it up.

The DIYW135H2 doesn't fall in either of these categories. It comes as a sheet of screen material rolled up on a cylindrical cardboard core—much like paper towels on a roll. It also comes with assorted hardware, most notably, two 120.9-inch-long by 0.9-inch-diameter metal bars to hold the top and bottom of the screen, and snaps that you have to add to the top and bottom edges of the screen, so the metal bars have something thick enough to hold onto.

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DIY Wall2 5SizesAbout the DIY Wall 2 Screen

The DIY Wall 2 is a series of portable wall screens that serve as a Do-It-Yourself product that unfurls to convert walls, garage doors, patios, etc. into a quality projection screen. The DIY Wall 2 includes black masking borders on all sides in addition to a pair of wall hooks on both top and bottom horizontal support bars. The wall hooks provide a simple hanging solution that sets up with lightning speed.

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Jeff and Jenafer Roy Review the YardMaster Outdoor Projection Screen and it made excellent marks

Yardmaster (OMS100H) outdoor projection screen review by Stereowise Plus

Jeff and Jenafer Roy Review the YardMaster Outdoor Projection Screen and it made excellent marks

Video has come a long way. I remember the days when IT guys would bring home the business projectors to watch movies on the family room wall. Our first projector was a business one with a sheet! This was about 20 years ago.  Not only have projectors been perfected for home theater, they have also made their way to the outdoors. Up for review today is an excellent, portable outdoor screen from Elite Screens Yard Master 100" outdoor screen.

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 Editor's Choice: Elite Screens' Yard Master Outdoor Projection Screen

Online Link:

Editor's Choice: Elite Screens' Yard Master Outdoor Projection Screen

October 16, 2013 By John. P

Elite Screens is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high quality video projection screens. And now, they offer a take-anywhere line of screens that are even appropriate for outdoor use! They call them “Yard Master”! And we call them, Editor’s Choice award winners!

Yard Master Options

Elite Screens' Yard Masters are available in 100", 120", 150", and 180" sizes (now up to 200") with prices ranging from $175 - $650.  The 120" model we tested is currently selling for $199 on Amazon, which is a startlingly good deal!  We were fully expecting these screens to be price in the $1,000 range, given the fact that similarly sized indoor screens are definitely not cheap.

The Yard Master kits come in their own carry cases. In the case of the 100″ and 120″ the kits completely pack down into a soft case that can be carried. While the 150″ and 180″ kits include a custom aluminum wheeled case, presumably to help deal with the sheer weight of the materials (the 120″ model weight over 40 pounds).


Yard Master Video Review

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Elite Screens' Yard Master Gets the Editor's Choice

In the past, if you wanted to have a get together and enjoy a big screen flick, or perhaps show off a presentation or some photo slides, you needed to do it indoors. But with the Yard Master from Elite Screens, we're free to roam about the world and set up  shop wherever we feel like a movie.

The Versatility, quality construction, and attractive pricing combination of the Elite Screen Yard Master warrant a Geek Beat Editor's Choice award if ever anything did.  We highly recommend picking one up for any special gethering.