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Which Portable Projector Screen is Right for You?

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite makes a variety of portable projector screens for your presentation on the go.  To compare the various models, look at the comparison sheet (here).


  • The Designer Cut Series is Elite’s selection of pre-cut projection screen material swatches. The swatches are prepared for use in custom solutions and other improvised installations according to the integrator’s needs. 
    • CineWhite® tensioned matte white, 1.1 gain - For controlled light room home cinema 1080P/4K projectors)
    • CineGrey 5D®, ambient light rejecting ISF certified, 1.5 gain (For controlled room or ambient light room home cinema 1080P/4K projectors)
    • CineGrey 3D®, ambient light rejecting ISF certified, 1.2 gain (For controlled room or ambient light room home cinema 1080P/4K projectors)
    • AcousticPro1080P3 tight weave 4K sound transparent, 1.0 gain – For 1080P/4K projector
    • CineGrey, High Contrast Gray Material, 1.0 gain – For improved contrast ratio and black levels
    • WraithVeil - Rear projection material enhances contrast ratio and provides high reflectivity


  • The ezCinema Series is a small and large venue ultra-portable projector screen that sets up easy using its detachable telescoping support bar hardware for residential or commercial presentations. It uses Elite’s MaxWhite® which provides the widest possible viewer angles with perfect diffusion uniformity while giving precise definition, image color reproduction and black & white contrast.  


  • The ezCinema Plus Floor Pull-Up model springs up like magic. A specially designed “Scissor-Back” self-standing spring mechanism allows the screen to be fully extended without the hassle of tightening or adjusting anything. This feature empowers the end user to simply open, pull up the screen, and project. This is ideal for small or large venue portable presentations. 


  • Elite’s Pico Screen™  Series is an ultra light and compact free-standing projection screen that is designed for portable tabletop presentations.  It incorporates rotating base feet for stability while a self-locking cross riser allows the screen to be pulled up out of its durable metal casing and be set up in less than 10-seconds. The screen measures up to 45” and is made of Elite’s GREENGUARD® certified Maxwhite® 1.1 gain matte white projection screen material. A durable fabric carrying case is included. 


  • The Pico Sport Series is a portable table top projection screen that includes both a matte white (VersaWhite) and a high gain (StarBright™ 4) surface on each side. Its unique design allows front projection from low lumen projectors to increase brightness using the StarBright™ 4 side while also rejecting ambient light. The VersaWhite side is best for room environments where ambient light is controllable or projectors with high lumen output. The Pico Sport includes a heavy duty canvas sleeve that conveniently fits into a laptop bag or briefcase.  


  • Our QuickStand Screen is the answer to setting up a professional screen presentation for a large Venue  in minutes making it a must have for any commercial presentation requiring versatility and precision within a minimal timeframe. It combines cutting edge quality with sturdy construction for the rigors of repeated presentations. It has a lightweight, strong collapsible frame that requires no tools for a quick assembly. 


  • The Quickstand Drape Series of professional-grade fixed frame projection screens is available in a wide variety of sizes for large or small venue portable presentations. The Quickstand screen has a lightweight, strong collapsible frame that requires no tools for quick assembly or take-down. The new drape kit feature gives the aesthetic charm of a well formatted and more professional video presentation.  


  • The QuickStand 5-Second Series is a large-sized free-standing portable "pull-up" projection screen. Its portable design makes it ideal for conference rooms and large venue presentations on the go. Other large screen may require more than a half hour to assemble, attach the material and adjust to the right height. The QuickStand 5-Second Screen's primary advantage is speed. It utlizes an innovative dual cross spring mechanism that allows it to be set up in seconds.  


  • The Reflexion portable projection screen is an easy to use free-standing projection screen. Suitable for both small and large venues, it combines the ease of portability of our tripod screens with the quick set up of our ezCinema Series. 


  • The Elite Screens Tripod Portable Projection Screen is ideal for indoor and outdoor small or large venue presentations, this proven and reliable tripod portable projection screen combines precision with the elegance of a traditional design. Its rugged construction will withstand the rigors of daily usage while its adjustable locking ring provides ease in its adjustable height settings. 


  • The Tripod B Series is a light-weight  portable projection screen of the traditional tripod design. It is a dependable design that is easy to carry for portable small or large venue presentations. Its adjustable telescopic support allows variable height settings to aid in formatting the screen into a variety of aspect ratios. The MaxWhite® B front projection material has a 1.0 unity gain with a wide viewing angle.  


  • The Tripod Pro features a new casing with the velour surfacing that adds a touch of elegance for more upscale small or large venue presentations. Its black tube casing will protect the screen material and is coated in a velveteen material that absorbs glare from projectors. It is available in a (1:1) aspect ratio with viewing sizes that range from 85” to 99”, 113” and 119” diagonal measurements. The screen material is Elite’s MaxWhite® 1.1 gain matte white front projection material with black masking borders. They vary in weight from 15lbs to 35 lbs making the tripod a highly portable and versatile product. Lastly, each tripod has a keystone eliminator to accommodate angle distortion or “keystone effect” during forum presentations.