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I need an Ambient Light Rejecting Screen but can a UST (Ultra Short Throw) work with it?

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team

As ultra short throw (UST) projectors become more commonplace, there are more requests for an ambient light rejecting material that can work with them.  Elite Screens has produced the Aeon CLR® (Ceiling Light Rejecting®) projector Screen for this reason.  The massive 100” projection surface dwarfs the typical flat panel TV screens used in today’s home.  Because it is UST, it can replace even an 84” display with a larger-than-life image at a fraction of the cost even when you factor in the projector and sound bar. 

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer”.



4:00:00 PM                  Johnny - Thank you for contacting Sales department, this is Johnny how may I help you?

11:28:05 AM       Customer - what is the different between The Aeon CLR & The Aeon Series

11:29:07 AM                 Johnny - the CLR series is made for  ultra short throw projectors and it is specially designed to reject overhead light so that it can be used in brightly lit living room environments.  It is a variant of the Aeon series which is a series of fixed frame projection screens that feature a wraparound material over an internal framework. Here’s the link for Aeon CLR:

11:29:32 AM                 Johnny - The other Aeon projector screens feature a selection of mate white, matte gray, acoustically transparent , or standard ambient light rejecting. Here’s the link:

11:29:34 AM       Customer - o.k thanks

11:30:07 AM       Customer - if I want to used it for Play games in Watch TV and movies

11:30:17 AM       Customer - which you consider for me ?

11:30:39 AM                 Johnny - They all work, it just depends what works best for you.

11:31:02 AM       Customer - I need only one Screen

11:31:08 AM       Customer - but I need the best

11:31:17 AM       Customer - and I'm Confused

11:32:10 AM                 Johnny - There’s a lot of choice so it can be confusing.  Here’s the breakdown: Matte White = most versatile/needs light control, Matte Gray = same as matte white but enhances black levels, AUHD = Acoustically transparent to cover wall speakers, Cinegrey 5D = Ambient Light Rejecting with Standard Projectors, CLR = Ambient light rejecting with ultra short throw projectors.

11:32:24 AM       Customer - I have a lot of ambient light

11:33:41 AM                 Johnny - ..and this light will be on while the projector is in use ?

11:33:52 AM       Customer - Yes.

11:33:58 AM       Customer - Yellow, and I don’t use a UST or short throw projector

11:34:54 AM                 Johnny - if lights will be on in your room, then I will recommend our Aeon CineGrey 3D with your projector

11:35:12 AM                 Johnny - It is an ambient light rejecting material

11:35:21 AM                 Johnny - you can see this series from this link here:

11:35:26 AM                 Johnny -

11:35:36 AM       Customer - This is for the living room

11:36:08 AM                Johnny - Yes,  this material would still be recommended

11:36:46 AM       Customer - If I ever get a UST projector

11:37:02 AM       Customer - How can I mount it?

11:37:57 AM                 Johnny - The screen is specially designed for “tabletop” mounted projector in front of the screen.

11:39:06 AM       Customer - The Aeon Series any Places ?

11:39:33 AM       Customer - I can put it in just about any room?

11:39:39 AM                 Johnny - correct

11:39:55 AM       Customer - o.k thanks you very much

11:40:10 AM                 Johnny - sure your welcome

11:40:13 AM                 Johnny - have a great day