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Setting the Vertical Limit Switch…

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens offers models with added top border for high ceilings, but sometimes there is too much top masking material for the installation.  Service team leader, Jaime walks a customer through the process to adjust the vertical drop.

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer”.



4:00:00 PM                Jaime.l - Hello, this is Jaime Luna @ service department, how can I help you

8:21:09 AM         Customer - I need some clarification on adjusting vertical drop for the CineTension B Series model TE135HW2B-24

8:22:00 AM         Customer - When you first turn on the screen, am I right in thinking it will expand to its full length?

8:22:00 AM                Jaime.l - Yes, it does drop out to its full length.

8:22:07 AM                Jaime.l - If you would like it to drop out a little less, I have instructions for you.

8:22:18 AM         Customer - Thanks, I already have the instructions.

8:22:22 AM         Customer - I'm just a bit confused on them

8:22:30 AM                Jaime.l - I’d be glad to help you with this.

8:23:07 AM         Customer - is it safe for the screen to be pulled forward (like to avoid an entertainment center) when it is extended?

8:23:15 AM         Customer - or does it HAVE to come exactly straight down

8:23:28 AM                Jaime.l - no, the screen must drop straight down but this model is made for ceiling attachment  so you can install the screen in front of your entertainment system.

8:23:43 AM                Jaime.l - the material will get damaged if it rubs on the housing so its important to make sure it is installed correctly and not off-axis.

8:23:48 AM         Customer - im worried that at full extension when mounted, the screen will hit my floor

8:24:02 AM         Customer - prior to adjustment

8:24:10 AM                Jaime.l - We can fix that. The vertical limit switch is adjustable so we can tone it down a bit.

8:24:23 AM                Jaime.l - If you bring it down about half-way through the black top masking, will that work.

8:24:28 AM                Jaime.l - then I’ll walk you through the adjustment to set it.

8:24:35 AM         Customer - oh perfect

8:24:50 AM         Customer - and if i adjust how far it drops, will it automatically account for the adjustment for how far it retracts?

8:24:54 AM         Customer - or are those 2 separate adjustments

8:24:54 AM                Jaime.l - just be sure to rotate the screw the proper direction

8:25:05 AM                Jaime.l - do not turn the upper screw

8:25:10 AM                Jaime.l - only the bottom screw

8:25:22 AM                Jaime.l - exactly as the instructions say to do it

8:25:40 AM         Customer - im assuming the upper screw is only for if the screen refuses to retract fully for some reason

8:25:52 AM                Jaime.l - After making the adjustment, you'll notice the difference in drop when you let the screen go all the way down

8:26:01 AM                Jaime.l - one turn is about 1" of decreased drop

8:26:16 AM         Customer - one full turn of 360 degrees, right

8:26:22 AM                Jaime.l - yes

8:27:07 AM         Customer - ok

8:27:14 AM         Customer - alright, i think that’s all the questions i had for now

8:27:15 AM         Customer - thank you!

8:27:28 AM                Jaime.l - It’s my pleasure to help.

8:27:35 AM                Jaime.l - thank you for choosing Elite Screens and thanks  for chatting with me today

8:27:42 AM         Customer - you too.