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Do I have to remove retaining bolts on the CineTension B? What about the Tension Cords and Vertical Limit Adjustment?

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team

A customer had questions about the CineTension B retaining screws and offered his advice on how the product experience may perhaps be improved.  Service team member Maritza came forward with the crucial advice and service links to make that experience a whole lot better.

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer”.



4:00:00 PM                 Maritza - Thank you for contacting the service department. Hello, I'm Maritza, how may I help you?

1:22:06 PM          Customer - hi

1:22:11 PM          Customer - I bought a CineTension B series

1:22:14 PM                 Maritza - Nice choice, did you have any questions about installing it?

1:22:22 PM          Customer - Am I supposed to remove any screws before trying to deploy this screen?

1:22:24 PM          Customer - first time setup

1:23:02 PM          Customer - in product diagrams I’m seeing that the weight bar hangs under the screen but in its current state out of the packaging the weight bar is sucked up into the main screen housing

1:23:13 PM          Customer - there are 2 Phillips head screws that i can see

1:24:38 PM                 Maritza - Have you already tried to bring down the screen with the remotes included ?

1:24:52 PM          Customer - yes, the motors started humming but the screen did not move

1:26:55 PM                 Maritza - Yes don’t operate the remotes or screen in any way.  There are retaining screws on the product to prevent shipping damage.  Are there 2 little tags hanging from the screws?

1:27:40 PM          Customer - like little triangle tags?

1:27:47 PM                 Maritza - yes, that’s it.

1:28:12 PM          Customer - They aren’t on there now but we did have the tabs inside the box

1:28:13 PM                 Maritza - Those tabs accompany the retaining screws.  Please remove them along with these two retaining screws.  They  should be one on each side of the weight bar.

1:28:14 PM          Customer - they weren’t on the screws

1:28:34 PM                 Maritza - Now I understand the problem. You’re right. This would be confusing if the tabs fell off.

1:29:07 PM          Customer - looks like it’s working fine now.

1:29:25 PM                 Maritza - Glad to hear it.

1:29:28 PM          Customer - id suggest using stickers next time, though

1:29:59 PM                 Maritza -  I understand the critique and I value the feedback.  We’re always looking for opportunities to improve our customer experience. I’ll forward this discussion on to our design team.

1:30:16 PM                 Maritza - Is there anything else I may assist you with today ?

1:31:19 PM          Customer - yes

1:31:34 PM          Customer - the tensioning cable at the very bottom

1:31:44 PM          Customer - is that supposed to be loose while the screen isn’t fully deployed

1:32:09 PM                 Maritza - Yes, it will remain loose till the screen is fully deployed.  The cord tightness can also be adjusted if you needed to adjust the screen’s vertical limit.

1:32:21 PM          Customer - awesome, ok that’s all the questions I had.

1:32:42 PM                 Maritza - Thank you for chatting with me and thank you for choosing Elite Screens.

1:32:49 PM          Customer - wait a minute

1:32:57 PM          Customer - do you have a link to the black top adjustment

1:33:33 PM                 Maritza - Yes I do.  Here’s the full service link.

1:34:03 PM                 Maritza -

1:34:25 PM                 Maritza - Please scroll down to #3 and follow instructions based on screen model

1:36:25 PM          Customer - got it

1:36:26 PM          Customer - thanks

1:37:01 PM                 Maritza - My pleasure

1:37:05 PM                 Maritza - Thanks again.  If you need more advice, we’re here for you.