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Repair or Replace an Old Projector Screen

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team

A customer made a service call on an old projector screen that was having technical difficulties.  Our service team’s devotion to service means that just because the warranty has long expired, you are not without options.  Service Team Leader Jaime came to the assistance with two options, either fix the circuit board or obtain a new screen.  The customer found a variant of his original VMAX2 at an unbeatable price.  Rather than up sell the customer to a more expensive alternate, Jaime encouraged the buyer to take the deal and that his accessories from the old screen are all compatible.  Profit is good but building sound relationships with our customers is more mutually beneficial.

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer”.



4:00:00 PM                Jaime.l - Thank you for contacting Elite Screens Technical Support, how may I help you

8:23:24 AM          Customer - hi Jaime this is Chris. We spoke last week about the projector screen that was not working

8:23:56 AM                Jaime.l - Were you able to get the screen to work or can I assist you with more options?

8:24:18 AM          Customer - I think I’ll take you up on option 2.  Not sure what’s wrong with the screen but not thrilled about fixing it.

8:24:47 AM               Jaime.l - have you submitted a claim form yet? If not, I can assist you with that.

8:25:29 AM               Jaime.l - this form will allow us to check your details and determine a solution.

8:25:37 AM               Jaime.l - Here is the link:

8:26:21 AM          Customer -  SN# is xxxx-xxxx , here is my info. (customer submitted confidential information regarding purchase here)

8:27:34 AM               Jaime.l - This looks like you bought the screen back in 2010.  Is this right?

8:28:03 AM          Customer - we have had it for a while.

8:28:19 AM               Jaime.l - what is the problem with the screen?

8:28:42 AM          Customer - the motor does not work

8:29:09 AM          Customer - you suggested trying to replace the board to see if that fixes the issue

8:29:54 AM          Customer - We also discussed just buying a new screen and I wanted to know what screen you sell now that is same as what we currently have.

8:30:53 AM               Jaime.l - You do  have one of our second generation screens

8:31:15 AM               Jaime.l - I have replacement parts if you want to fix it but I have some excellent options for you if you’d like a new screen.

8:31:20 AM          Customer - I’m up for a new screen. It’s time.

8:31:46 AM          Customer - what screen do you currently have that matches my specs?

8:32:08 AM               Jaime.l - The VMAX 2  has been a popular series and we still make it

8:32:12 AM               Jaime.l - the VMAX120XWV2  to be exact.

8:32:34 AM               Jaime.l - We have other models that come with various features, aesthetics etc.

8:32:58 AM               Jaime.l - I can have someone from my sales department contact you so that you can be directed on where to buy one

8:33:10 AM               Jaime.l - what is your phone number and email address?

8:33:24 AM          Customer - would this be it?

8:33:26 AM          Customer -

8:34:32 AM               Jaime.l - yes, this is a Spectrum screen and it’s a near identical match.

8:34:48 AM          Customer - ok

8:34:54 AM               Jaime.l - the only difference is that this screen does not come with an RF remote.

8:35:06 AM          Customer - ??

8:35:10 AM               Jaime.l - IR (Infrared) remotes require a clear line of sight.  RF (radio frequency) transmit like a garage door opener.

8:35:30 AM               Jaime.l - The Spectrum series is a lower cost variant of the VMAX2 so it does not have all the features.

8:35:46 AM          Customer - so it is not the same screen we have now?

8:35:53 AM               Jaime.l - the only difference is that fact that an RF remote and extended IR receiver does not come with it

8:36:08 AM               Jaime.l - Everything else is the same.

8:36:19 AM               Jaime.l - You get an IR remote and the control box that is wire connected.

8:36:25 AM               Jaime.l - It looks like a wall pad.

8:36:41 AM               Jaime.l - it is the same size and aspect ratio.

8:37:14 AM          Customer - so what is the difference in the screen in the link I sent and what we currently have

8:37:24 AM          Customer - we do not have a wall pad for the screen we currently have

8:37:31 AM               Jaime.l - actually, you can use the RF remote from your screen on this new one

8:37:48 AM               Jaime.l - the new screen will include a wall pad

8:38:09 AM          Customer - that is the only 120" screen that best buy has

8:38:44 AM               Jaime.l - you can buy that one and they are offering a good deal.

8:39:20 AM          Customer - and it will be like what we have now correct

8:39:29 AM               Jaime.l - yes, that is correct.

8:39:52 AM          Customer - so what is the difference between the RF and IR remote

8:40:23 AM               Jaime.l - think of IR as a TV remote, it projects an infrared light beam to a receiver on the screen and it requires a clear line of sight.  RF remotes do not.  They transmit a radio wave so the command travels a greater distance and does not require direct line of sight, like a garage door opener.

8:40:47 AM          Customer - which type came with the screen we have now?

8:40:49 AM               Jaime.l - RF is radio frequency

8:41:00 AM               Jaime.l - your screen gets both

8:41:38 AM          Customer - okay, so we originally had both.

8:42:04 AM          Customer - The new one I’m looking at is only IR

8:43:59 AM               Jaime.l - Correct.  What I am saying is that the replacement screen that you want to buy does not have all the features your original screen came with but it is compatible with all the controls you already have.

8:44:01 AM          Customer - I am not at the screen that is why I asked

8:44:42 AM          Customer - ok

8:45:02 AM               Jaime.l - go ahead and place your order, Chris. You'll be fine with that screen

8:46:02 AM          Customer - ok. I just wanted to confirm it was the same dimensions, etc. as what we have now so we did not have to move everything where our current screen is hanging

8:46:22 AM               Jaime.l - ok, sounds good. Thank you for contacting me today

8:46:36 AM          Customer - ok, thanks

8:46:49 AM               Jaime.l - should you need to contact me again, please email me at

8:46:55 AM               Jaime.l - I appreciate your continued business, thank you for choosing Elite Screens.