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Need an Outdoor Projector Screen? Elite Has Them.

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Architects are of a precise craft and their business is to know every element of their design. Part of that know-how also involves finding product experts and getting the right answers from them to avoid any mistakes. In Carla’s case, she wants an outdoor screen that must withstand the elements. Before putting her plan into effect, she consults Elite’s service team manager so that he may advise her on any potential pitfalls that could derail the project.  Her precaution paid off. Jaime spotted a potential issue and Carla made the necessary arrangements to ensure that she’d provide a design built to last.

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number  to “Customer” or a generic name.



4:00:00 PM              Jaime.l - Thank you for contacting Sales department. This is Jaime, how may I help you?

12:47:35 PM       Carla - Hello, I'm an architect in NJ looking to spec a projector screen for a roof terrace.

12:48:13 PM       Carla - I’m thinking a decorative screened wall would be the back-up but looking to attach a sheet-like screen to the wall

12:48:32 PM       Carla - Do you have any recommendations?

12:49:11 PM            Jaime.l - I may have something for you. It is a simple projection material.

12:49:28 PM            Jaime.l - In summary, you just need a material to stick on a smooth wall, correct?

12:50:00 PM       Carla - Yes, that’s it.

12:50:46 PM            Jaime.l - Have a look at this product. What are your thoughts on it?

12:52:56 PM       Carla - Is this for exterior applications?

12:54:15 PM            Jaime.l - It can be used outdoors, but be careful about leaving it exposed to the elements, especially direct sunlight. Although it can be used outdoors, there are measures that should be taken to protect it.

12:57:33 PM       Carla - Do you have any screen that could be attached to an exterior wall, without coverage or protection?

12:59:45 PM            Jaime.l - This material will work but it is a synthetic fabric specially designed for theater-grade projector applications. Solar radiation will destroy the screen with prolonged exposure.

1:06:17 PM          Carla - Yes, the sun will hit it directly (southern exposure), do you have something that can be exposed to the sun?

1:06:59 PM          Carla - breeze will hit it too, its outside on a roof deck

1:07:23 PM               Jaime.l - Since the direct elements will inevitably destroy any projector screen out there regardless of manufacturer, I recommend a screen rated for outdoor operation that comes with a built-in shelter against the elements.  Here’s what I have in mind:

1:07:31 PM               Jaime.l - Any maker’s material will be destroyed by direct sunlight in fairly short order but this model is designed for the outdoors and offers protection for the screen material when it won’t be in use.

1:07:48 PM               Jaime.l - Since that kind of direct sunlight would make projection impossible, why not protect the screen when it’s not in use?

1:14:29 PM          Carla - I’m feeling it and I agree. Think I’ll place an order for one. The dimensions are right and the retractable feature will work nicely with my design. Thanks for the help.

1:16:42 PM               Jaime.l - It’s my pleasure Carla.  Please contact me if you need anything else and thank you for choosing Elite Screens for your installation.