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A Screen Can Be Too Bright So Always Make Sure Your Projector and Screen Give a Crisp, Clear Image That’s Easy on the Eyes

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team

A customer has a sensitive eye condition and a lot of questions about finding the right screen for his home theater room. We don’t want a customer buying from us once. We want a long term trust where customers are comfortable with turning to our team whenever a question comes up.

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



4:00:00 PM                Rick - Thank you for contacting EPV Screens Sales department.  This is Rick, how may I help you?

7:51:11 AM         John - Hi Rick, how are you?

7:51:27 AM         John - Are you the one to talk to for help selecting an elite screen for a home theater system?

7:52:02 AM                Rick - yes, I’d be happy to assist.

7:52:45 AM         John - Great

7:53:02 AM         John - My eyes are photosensitive, with brightness causing migraines. Would a silver gray screen help against whites that are too bright? Would whites still look good?

7:53:22 AM                Rick - I have some materials in mind, but to get started, are you looking into a manual, motorized, or a fixed frame screen.

7:53:54 AM         John - How about a ceiling mount, 92", but open to a conversation about motorized vs pull down

7:54:40 AM         John - It is a small room in the basement, we only have about 8 feet for throw distance, 9 if we mount above the TV stand. If we do that we only have 51" to the ceiling to play with

7:55:30 AM         John - Considering the Benq HT2050 or the Epson 2045

7:57:39 AM                Rick - Considering the brightness of either projector and if you have control over ambient light, you cold make a great image using a matte white screen. The white screen has a reflective gain of 1.1 which is around where you’d like it to be for reflectivity.

7:58:24 AM         John - Yeah, the room is pretty dark, two basement windows with tint on them and adjustable lighting levels.

7:58:54 AM         John - The walls are something like peach, so they are not dark, ceiling height is low and it is painted white

8:01:13 AM                Rick - Ok well you have good lighting control and both of these projectors listed will throw the same amount of brightness (2200 lumens).  A white projection screen will serve you well.

8:01:30 AM         John - Great, thank you

8:02:05 AM         John - Could you address my concerns about electric vs pull down in a 51" vertical space?

8:02:06 AM                Rick - Absolutely, there are advantages to both.

8:03:03 AM                Rick - Sounds like you have a low ceiling so let’s definitely look at something in 100” or below. 

8:03:44 AM         John - The ceiling is only about 7 feet or so. With the TV stand the space is limited. If it won't work, I'll mount it in front of the stand, 20" out from the wall

8:04:28 AM         John - We have a budget, max of $500, but would like for it to cost between 100 and 300 if possible.

8:04:47 AM                Rick - ok, I have a few products in mind.

8:04:52 AM         John - We are quite happy with pull down, as long as it fits and makes sense

8:08:52 AM                Rick - Looks like you have a choice either way.  I did found a motorized screen Electric84"H this is a 84 inch diagonal screen the viewing portion is 41.2" x 73.2" and the over size is 85.5" wide by 55.2 high but I will provide some manual screens as well. in our shop site we have it for $227.

8:10:20 AM         John - When one pulls down a screen, does it have several stopping points? How far apart are those points? If I don't have to pull it all the way down would I not be able to stop before the tv stand?

8:12:31 AM                Rick - On a manual screen, the stopping points are about 2 to 3 inches. We have some enhanced models with a bead chain clutch system so you can stop wherever.

8:13:53 AM         John - I think a standard model will work.  So maybe a 92" screen would work? Just stop at the first pull down point?

8:14:18 AM                Rick - Yes, it will.

8:14:24 AM         John - Awesome

8:15:20 AM         John - What about this material that allows sound to go through? Is that available in our price range? Is the picture just as good? The center speaker currently sits behind where the screen will be, we may have to move it down into the tv stand

8:18:05 AM                Rick - With the acoustic material will be a little price difference here is the model for the smallest we have that is the most budget friendly, the model is Electric100HT. You may search this model to see our dealers individual pricing. But if you can move your speaker away from the screen and not have it block, the standard screen will work.

8:18:27 AM                Rick - In our shop site is $399.

8:18:30 AM         John - Ok, I think I'll move the speaker.

8:18:51 AM         John - 100" might not work for the throw of the projectors we are looking at in our limited space.

8:19:36 AM         John - So, a pull down, 92", white, 16:9 screen? Does that make sense after our conversation?

8:20:02 AM                Rick - It does. One moment and I’ll have a model for you.

8:20:09 AM         John - Great, thank you

8:22:26 AM                Rick - here, is the model for a 92" the model is M92UWH this is a 92" 16x9 screen.

8:23:49 AM         John - Brilliant.

8:24:57 AM         John - Is this model available only with a black body?

8:25:31 AM                Rick - Yes, this model comes in black only.

8:25:47 AM         John - Okay.

8:26:07 AM         John - Brilliant. Is there any difference in spending more money or is this one quite ok for our purposes?

8:27:12 AM                Rick - Are you referring in picture quality or the difference from motorized/manual screens?

8:27:20 AM         John - Picture quality.

8:28:07 AM         John - Also for it to be Less likely to have waves, good pull down mechanism, etc.

8:28:40 AM                Rick - The manual and motorized models I mentioned both use the same material.  It is  the MaxWhite material so it will provide the same performance.

8:29:31 AM         John - Rick, I feel like you have answered all of my questions. I'm going to buy the one you recommend. Thanks for taking the time to point me in the right direction

8:29:58 AM                Rick - It’s my pleasure John; thank you for choosing Elite Screens.