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Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team



Metal Halide Lamp Type of projector lamp that operates at a very high temperature to produce superior white and blue levels over that of Halogen lamps. Used in higher end portable projectors.
Moire Visual artifact commonly caused when the projector's pixel resolution is incompatible with the openings on an accoustically transparent material.  It causes a "cross-hatched" or "rippled" pattern in the projected content.
Negative Gain The measured screen brightness or "gain" is less than 1.0. Common in ambient light rejecting (ALR) projector screens.
NTSC Acronym for National Television System Committee.  It is the USAA broadcast standard, also referred to as 4:3 aspect ratio and has been mostly superseded by HDTV (16:9)
OHP Acronym for Overhead Projector.  It is a squared (1:1) aspect ratio.
Overhead Projector It is a squared (1:1) aspect ratio transparent projector.