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Everything you wanted to know about Yard Master 2

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Sometimes a customer comes in with a blank slate and it’s up to our service team to fill them in.  This discussion below pretty much covers everything you wanted to know about the Yard Master2 Portable Outdoor projector screen but were afraid to ask.

Here are the links used in the discussion:

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the Customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



4:00:00 PM                Jaime- Thank you for contacting Sales department.  This is Jaime, how may I help you?

9:37:33 AM         CUSTOMER - I am very much interested in an outdoor / indoor screen and the yard master 2 series looks like it can do indoor and out door presentations.

9:39:00 AM         CUSTOMER - Does the Elite Screens Yard Master 2, 135-inch, also have Ultra 4K, 3D, HDR?

9:39:54 AM                Jaime - It is a pretty big outdoor screen and it can be used indoors if you have the space for it. The material will also work just fine with active 3D projectors.

9:40:02 AM         CUSTOMER - What’s the difference in the front or rear projection?

9:40:07 AM                Jaime - It also has a smooth surface designed to accommodate 4K/UHD projectors

9:41:22 AM                Jaime - Rear projection means that you place the projector behind the screen and project through the material to the audience on the other side. Front projection is the traditional way in which the projector projects on the front of the material (same side the viewers are watching).

9:42:09 AM         CUSTOMER - I am looking for a nice screen for indoor/outdoor use, preferably a size of 120-135 to watch 3 d movies / games & sports.

9:43:33 AM                Jaime - TheYard Master2 series will work great indoors or outdoors as long as there is enough space for it. You can buy one here at this link:

9:43:51 AM                Jaime - Simply choose 135" and whether you want to project from the front or rear type.

9:44:12 AM                Jaime - you will need to check your projector's specifications if you want to project from the rear.  Front-and-rear are two different materials.

9:44:19 AM         CUSTOMER - I also see you have them online with a variety of resellers.

9:44:37 AM                Jaime - Yes, we offer you a variety so that you can shop the best deal from your favorite site.

9:44:43 AM                Jaime - We support the warranty either way.

9:44:50 AM                Jaime - Just be sure to buy it new from an authorized Elite reseller or distributor

9:45:07 AM         CUSTOMER - Do you have any of the yard master 2 Duals on sale or clearance

9:45:46 AM                Jaime - It won’t be a clearance item for a long time to come. These are a brand new products.

9:45:53 AM                Jaime - I recommend any of our online outlets for the best price.

9:47:21 AM         CUSTOMER - So what’s the difference for me purchasing the yard master 2 dual vs yard master 2 would it just be you can view both sides of the screen at the same time

9:47:51 AM                Jaime - Yes, that is the difference. The regular brands are either-or.  The Dual goes either way.

9:48:01 AM                Jaime - With the dual series, you have both options.

9:49:33 AM         CUSTOMER - For the regular yard master 2 it doesn't mention anything about 4K Ultra HD, aCTIVE 3D, and HDR Ready, like it does in the yard master 2 dual.

9:49:52 AM                Jaime - You can find that verification on our web page here:

9:50:22 AM                Jaime - you can also access the dimensions table on this same page so that you can see how tall each model stands

9:50:56 AM         CUSTOMER - does the yard master 2 allow you to use it indoor or outdoor

9:51:36 AM                Jaime - Yes, it is an outdoor screen but can be used indoors as long as you have room.  It’s pretty big.

9:52:10 AM         CUSTOMER - It this one durable 24/7 rain /shine

9:52:59 AM                Jaime - You don’t want to leave any screen out in the elements indefinitely.  Prolonged exposure to the elements will inevitably destroy it regardless of brand.

9:53:18 AM         CUSTOMER - What projectors do you recommend?

9:54:06 AM                Jaime - There are so many to list but here are the main categories for you to search online with 1. Price, what are you willing to spend? 2. Size, which works best for you? 3. Aspect ratio (shape), make sure it matches your projector (4:3, 16:9, HDTV…etc.,) a variety of websites can help you narrow down the search.  Two favorites are and

9:54:18 AM                Jaime - There are forums created by professionals on this web page?

9:54:53 AM                Jaime - There are numerous projector forums that come up on the various brands.  Just web search “Projector Forum” and a whole list of sites will come up.

9:55:09 AM                Jaime - These sites will provide all you need to help with your decision.

9:55:45 AM         CUSTOMER - This is for projectors, not screens correct?  I’m already buying the Yard Master2

9:56:08 AM                Jaime - Yes, correct.  I appreciate the business and would like to see you with a projector that you’ll be happy with.

9:56:30 AM         CUSTOMER - Okay thanks. So the newer version yard master 2 dual series is the only one that is weather resistant?

9:57:23 AM                Jaime - These are all portable outdoor screens but none of them should be left permanently outdoors at the mercy of the elements. Constant wind, moisture, heat, cold, and UV radiation will take their toll on the material.

9:57:45 AM         CUSTOMER - What’s the difference in your “older” yard master series vs 2016 yard master 2 series ?

9:58:07 AM                Jaime - the first series applies the material over the frame like a sleeve

9:58:16 AM                Jaime - The 2-series has a completely different frame construction.  Here is the comparison sheet:

9:59:04 AM         CUSTOMER - oh perfect.  Thanks

9:59:48 AM         CUSTOMER - I was also looking at the DIY Wall series 2 & 3.

10:00:06 AM       CUSTOMER - What are the prices for these / differences?

10:00:41 AM              Jaime - This is a completely different category.  This is a simplified  material with connections that are used to hang up using an improvised attachment.  To get prices, please visit our shop site:

10:01:05 AM              Jaime - The web page will detail how this type of screen sets up.

10:01:41 AM       CUSTOMER - Where?

10:02:07 AM              Jaime - Here is the link for it:

10:05:05 AM       CUSTOMER - What’s the difference in the 16:9 vs the other size

10:05:22 AM              Jaime - 16:9 is the shape of the image. It’s also called the aspect ratio.

10:05:32 AM              Jaime - think of it as the shape of a plasma TV

10:06:39 AM       CUSTOMER - or an LCD TV?

10:06:53 AM              Jaime - correct

10:07:01 AM              Jaime - those TVs are 16:9 HDTV which is likely what you’d want to use.

10:08:03 AM              Jaime - 16:9 means that for every 16 units of measure wide, there are 9 corresponding units of height.  Here is a great tutorial on it:

10:09:15 AM       CUSTOMER - I am still trying to figure the best screen. Do you have a page where I can start from the top?

10:09:41 AM              Jaime - Yes,  try these turorial videos:  and then go to this search site and find the best screen that matches your needs: 

10:10:00 AM       CUSTOMER - are the yard master 2 series require a certain type of projector

10:10:22 AM              Jaime - Nope, they will handle standard or short throw projectors.

10:10:28 AM       CUSTOMER - Okay, thank you for putting up with all my questions; your patience and professionalism are both highly appreciated.  I have all I need.

10:12:49 AM              Jaime - I appreciate that.  Thank you for contacting us today

10:12:57 AM              Jaime - Enjoy the rest of the day and thank you for choosing Elite Screens.