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Walk me through finding a projector screen for my basement

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Installing a projector screen in your basement is a fun and exciting way to use that space but it comes with a lot of challenges as well.  Right off the bat, Serena admits that she knows little about projectors and screens. Our service professionals expect this and if you feel the same about your knowledge, we are happy to show you the way.

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



7:38:24 AM         Serena - Hi

7:38:24 AM         Serena - What kind of projector screens are good to buy for home?  Basement?

4:00:00 PM                Johnny - Thank you for contacting Shop Elite Screens.  This is Johnny, how can I help you.

7:38:50 AM         Serena - I am new I don’t have any idea about screens.

7:38:56 AM         Serena - I am using my basement

7:39:05 AM                Johnny - Are you looking for a motorized or fixed frame screen

7:39:10 AM         Serena - How about an electric screen?

7:39:20 AM         Serena - it allows me to do more with the space downstairs.

7:39:41 AM                Johnny - That’s a good idea if you are looking to do more with your media room.

7:39:51 AM         Serena - What about a 100” screen? 16:9?

7:40:06 AM         Serena - My projector throws 100” (16:9) from the 8’ distance I have it at.

7:40:18 AM         Serena - If I upgrade to a short throw projector, should I have a tensioned screen?

7:40:19 AM                Johnny - Yes, you would need a tensioned screen to keep a flat projection surface.

7:40:28 AM         Serena - Why would it not work with a non-tension?

7:40:46 AM                Johnny - Short throw screens throw a wide image over a very short space so every millimeter counts.  The slightest difference in distances between the projector and screen will distort the image.

7:40:51 AM         Serena - Okay, so the cheaper screen will work fine with my projector now…

7:41:37 AM         Serena - But it is better to get a tensioned screen if I’m serious about getting an ultra-short-throw projector in the near future.

7:42:06 AM                Johnny - That is correct.

7:42:38 AM                Johnny - Right now, you are looking at a screen that fits your projector’s aspect ratio of (16:9) and your projector throw distance is perfect to your screen size.

7:42:56 AM                Johnny - Do you have a preference for the screen casing color?

7:43:23 AM         Serena - Yes, I want tensioned and black. And nothing too fancy. I am on a budget.

7:44:22 AM                Johnny - I have a great option for you.  Our Spectrum Tab-Tension series

7:45:20 AM         Serena - Yes, this looks good.  100”, 16:9, black casing, Tensioned material

7:45:36 AM                Johnny - Glad to hear it.  Is there anything else I may help you with.

7:46:06 AM         Serena - Sounds great.  Thanks for the help.

7:46:06 AM                Johnny - Thank you for your interest in Elite Screens, and hope you have a great day