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The Capabilities of Two-Way Outdoor Projector Screens and their wind resistance

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team

This customer had a lot of questions about the dual-material’s capabilities and the Yard Master Dual’s outdoor wind performance. The following discussion covers the full course.

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*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



[17:19] Customer: Hello

[17:23]        Rick: Hello, thank you for holding. How may I help you?

[17:23] Customer: I have a couple of questions on a screen I had just purchased and want to make sure that this is the ideal product for me.

[17:23]        Rick: sure.

[17:23] Customer: The screen I purchased is the Yardmaster 2 Dual 135-inch.

[17:23] Customer: With the Wraithveil Dual front and rear projection screen.

[17:24] Customer: I have an ultra short throw (UST) LG PF1000uw I think 1000 lumens.

[17:24] Customer: Is that bright enough for nighttime rear projection?

[17:26]        Rick: The brightness will be enough to provide you a clear image during evening presentations. 1000 lumens is not a lot so I recommend eliminating any outdoor lighting like floodlights, etc.  It will also work with standard, short throw or UST projectors, so you are doing fine.

[17:27] Customer: Ok a few more questions.

[17:27]        Rick: Certainly.

[17:28] Customer: I am concerned that the legs may bend completely from wind.

[17:28] Customer: I have a concrete patio.

[17:28] Customer: So I can’t really stake it down

[17:28] Customer: I was going to put sand bags on the legs.

[17:28] Customer: Now I’m not putting this bad boy out in a high wind.

[17:30]        Rick: The screen can be secured with sand bags on a hard surface so you are using the right way to go. Regardless of who makes the screen or how well it’s made, any wind of about 15mph or more is going to turn the screen into a boat sail. Physics takes over from there.  It’s advisable to take your outdoor screen down if the breeze picks up.

[17:31] Customer: I was scared because my wife would flip on me if this thing just bent over in 10 mph winds.

[17:32] Customer: What about extension legs? Will that make it more dangerous in wind?

[17:32]        Rick: The higher the screen’s profile, the less resilient it will be against wind gusts.

[17:33]        Rick: The extended profile will catch more wind and is more top heavy.

[17:34] Customer: I did not see a velvet skirt that comes with this so I purchased one from the evil empire that looks like it would clip on to the bottom with Velcro.

[17:34]        Rick: You can make a DIY modification using the Velcro kit but we chose not to include it since this screen is for the outdoors and  velveteen materials don’t hold up well to the outdoor elements. 

[17:35] Customer: So just to recap I should be fine with just using sandbags no string correct? as long as less than 15mph.

[17:35] Customer: It will be close against a wall anyway.

[17:35] Customer: And this is the correct screen for ultra short throw yes?

[17:36]        Rick: Only a strong enough wind can bend a screen’s legs if it is well secured. It can even carry a screen away.

[17:36]        Rick: Unless the screen is properly secured with its guy-lines, it is possible for even a 15mph wind to topple your screen.  This is where the elements of aerodynamics take over.  Sandbags are heavy, but a sudden wind gust may provide enough lift for the screen to extract itself.

[17:37] Customer: If I front project I do not need to hang anything black in the back?

[17:37]        Rick: 

[17:37] Customer: Is wind damage covered by the warranty,

[17:38]        Rick: We would cover it the first time as part of the learning curve but not after that.

[17:39] Customer: Fair. Would I be able to buy replacement parts myself if needed incase a leg bends?

[17:40] Customer: Or if some future design on sturdy legs would I be able to get them too.

[17:40]        Rick: yes, we do sell extended legs as accessories. Normally it will be $35 each plus shipping. But prices may change.

[17:41] Customer: And there are no worries on the screen wrinkles? I see mixed reviews but you can always find someone with a problem. These look like the best screens on the market!

[17:43]        Rick: The wrinkles are normal, the screen is folded in the case but when stretched on the frame and left for a few minutes it should relax and alleviate enough that you will not notice them; especially in warm air. 

[17:50] Customer: Okay, I think I’m fresh out of questions.  Thank you.

[17:50]        Rick: Thank you for choosing Elite Screens.