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Matching an Epson Projector to an AT Projection Screen Using a 12 Volt Trigger

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Did you know that you can coordinate your projection screen’s drop and rise with your projector’s power cycle?  Elite produces a 5-12-volt trigger that will do just that. Turn the projector on; the screen drops down.  Turn the projector off; the screen retracts back into its casing. There is also some useful information on sizing up a screen for your installation.

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



[18:49]        Rick: Hello, how may I help you.

[18:49] Customer: Hello. I am looking for a projector screen for my Epson HC4000 projector. I have about 137 inches of wall to project. But also would have to place my AV rack near the same wall. I am looking to see what screen would best fit the wall. I am looking for tab tension as well.

[18:53]        Rick: Hello, here is a model that i can recommend.  It’s our Cinetension 2 tab-tensioned electric screen.  

[18:54]        Rick: The model is TE135HW2

[19:01] Customer: Okay. Let me check

[19:03] Customer: I don’t think I can fit this. as i said i am looking for something that can fit after i place the AV unit. which i am guessing would take up about 23 inches. So all i have is about 115 inches

[19:03] Customer: What screen uses about 115 inches and provides the most screen space for 16:9 ratio

[19:04]        Rick: understood.

[19:08] Customer: I found this one. but could not find it in stock any where. TE110HW2-A1080P2

[19:08]        Rick: Just one moment and I’ll see what else I can find. 

[19:08] Customer: ok thanks.

[19:09]        Rick: we no longer produce this version that uses the acoustic transparent material. We do have the standard model of this size.

[19:10] Customer: What is the model number for the standard? And is it the same dimension?

[19:10]        Rick: Here is the model for the standard. TE110HW2 this unit measures 113.4 inches wide.

[19:11] Customer: ok. Thanks. I will look into that. What is the viewing width on this model?

[19:12]        Rick: here is the view dimension

[19:12]        Rick: 53.9"x95.9"

[19:13]        Rick: Also the material has a 2 inch black border on each side.

[19:13] Customer: Ok. Thanks. Do you know if this has a trigger to projector?

[19:15]        Rick: Yes, this unit comes with an accessory that is an RJ45 connection with two exposed wires. you will have to wire you own cable to reach out to the projector.

[19:15]        Rick:    

[19:15] Customer: Ok. Thanks. What is the MSRP on this product?

[19:17]        Rick: This unit will go 2059 on our shop site.

[19:17] Customer: ok. you say out of stock on this model too

[19:17] Customer: on your website

[19:18]        Rick: 

[19:19] Customer: So, what is this screen then? 

[19:19]        Rick: That is another series

[19:20] Customer: Ok. what is the difference between the one I shared and the one you showed me?

[19:21]        Rick: The difference is that the B series is a white case, and does not have black backing it is white on the back of the material .

[19:22] Customer: oh ok. Makes sense.

[19:22] Customer: Thanks. I will process this info and place an order online.

[19:39]        Rick: Sounds great.  If you need anything else, I’m here to assist you.  If not, thank you for your purchase.