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How do I connect my 12 Volt Trigger?

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team

The 12 volt trigger (aka 5-12 Volt trigger) is a device that allows the projector screen’s drop and rise functions to synchronize with the projector’s power cycle.


*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



[20:13]        Rick: Hello, how may I help you.

[20:13] Customer: Trying to connect BenQ W1070 with Elite Spectrum Electric 100H screen. Isn't working.

[20:14]        Rick: Are you trying to use the 12v trigger.

[20:15] Customer: Yes, I purchased a 3.5 mm plug adapter with an RJ45 port to connect to a CAT 5 cable plugged into the trigger port on the screen.

[20:16]        Rick: Okay, thank you for the information. I can walk you through this.

[20:16]        Rick: Using an RJ45 to a 3.5 mm plug will not work since we don't know if the adapter is using a mono or an audio 3.5mm plug.  Just one moment and I will get you instructions on how to wire it properly in a case like this.

[20:17]        Rick: Here is a video showing you how to wire it properly.

[20:17]        Rick: 

[20:17]        Rick: Also, double check that the 3.5 mm plug is mono not audio. you can identify it if the plug only has one black ring.

[20:18] Customer: Thanks, I will check it out. Regards!

[20:18]        Rick: My pleasure. Thank you for choosing Elite Screens.