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My RF Remote is not working

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Here is a great discussion that walks a customer through troubleshooting problems with his RF radio frequency remote.  As an extra, there is also a discussion of how you can check tour IR infrared remote using the camera on a smart phone.


*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



[17:26] Customer: We have an electric screen with a RF remote. The remote is not working, the screen is down and we are unable to get it to roll up.

[17:28]        Rick I’m sorry to hear that but I am glad to help troubleshoot this with you. 

[17:29]        Rick : This can mean the unit forgot the RF signal from the remote i will provide you with some steps on how to re-sync the remote with the unit.

[17:29] Customer: Perfect. thank you

[17:32]        Rick : 1. unplug the unit form the outlet.

2. press and hold the up button (hold until the end of the step.)

3. Once the remote starts to blink, connect the power back on right away.

4. Hold for 5 seconds and you can release the up button.

Follow these steps and the unit should start working again.

[17:32] Customer: Great, I will attempt now. It may take some time for me to confirm. I will reach back out if i require additional help

[17:33]        Rick : sure, will be happy to help.

[17:40] Customer: I pressed and held the up arrow but it never started blinking. i held for longer than a minute. how long should i wait?

[17:41]        Rick : When you press the button does the red LED turn on.

[17:45] Customer: Should I hold down all 3 buttons?

[17:45]        Rick : No, just one.

[17:45] Customer: Should i wait longer than a minute?

[17:46]        Rick : It takes about 3 seconds to blink once you press the button.

[17:46]        Rick : At this moment you will need to plug in the power.

[17:46] Customer: Okay.

[17:46]        Rick : The whole process should take about 10 seconds.

[17:46] Customer: ok

[17:47] Customer: one sec. will make sure the power connection is secure and attempt again. The plug was loose.

[17:47]        Rick : ok

[17:51] Customer: BTW, is there an easy way to see if my IR remote is transmitting, aside from the obvious.

[17:51] Customer: Can I test my IR remote if the projection screen is off?

[17:53]        Rick : I’m glad you asked.  Here is a great hack for checking your remote.  You can use the camera on your smart phone to do it.

[17:54] Customer: Awesome, thanks for the help man.

[17:55]        Rick : My Pleasure, thank you for choosing Elite Screens.