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What wall switch works with an Evanesce In-ceiling screen?

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team

This customer had questions regarding hard-wire integration for his Evanesce in-ceiling projection screen.  The discussion covers the finer points of installing the hard wired control gear in addition to the vertical limit switch settings that control the projection screen’s drop levels.

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



[19:09]        Rick: hello, how may I help you.

[19:10] Customer: I had a question about the ZIW in wall switch in regards to the IHome114XW2-E24

[19:10] Customer: We purchased one of these and were looking at putting in a more traditional wall switch and saw the ZIW option. 

[19:10] Customer: My question is that the switch that comes with it looks like it has a receiver for the remotes.

[19:10] Customer: And the ZIW looks like it doesn't have that

[19:11] Customer: I was told the rf remote with the wall switch would be the best setup.

[19:11] Customer: …and was curious if the ZIW in wall switch would still work with the rf remote controller for the screen

[19:12] Customer: I’m mainly curious where the rf receiver is on the unit, is it in the wall switch or is it in the box attached to the screen

[19:12]        Rick: With this product, the RF receiver is located on the control box that is also attached to the power cord.

[19:12] Customer: Ok so even without the wall switch at all the rf controller would still work.

[19:13] Customer: Then what is in the 3-way wall switch? Is that an extension for the infrared controller?

[19:13]        Rick: Correct, the ZIW is just an optional accessory.

[19:14] Customer:  Another question is how do I adjust the drop length on the screen is that with the socket wrench?

[19:15]        Rick: The 3-way wall switch is an optional part but it is not an IR receiver. It is strictly a hard-wired 3-way (up-stop-down) control box.

[19:16] Customer: We did get one with the unit.

[19:16] Customer: I’m replacing it because I wanted it to look more like a regular wall switch.

[19:18] Customer: how soon could I get the switch delivered if I were to place the order today?

[19:19] Customer: Our maintenance crew is looking to do this thurs/friday or over the weekend

[19:20]        Rick: it will take 1 to 2 business days to process. and will ship regular ground.

[19:20] Customer: also does this remote work with the screen?

[19:20] Customer: 

[19:23]        Rick: yes, this is the remote for this screen.

[19:23]        Rick: also the evanesce scree already comes with all of the remotes.

[19:24] Customer: Yes, this one is a bit different than what came with it.

[19:24] Customer: I wanted a spare and this one looks like I can mount it to the wall.

[19:25] Customer: The one that comes with it didn't look to have an indicator of what the buttons do so I wanted to have both models.

[19:25]        Rick: the current one you have should be white with black front plate.

[19:25] Customer: yes

[19:26] Customer: but I was looking at getting a spare and thought i might like the one with buttons that look like arrows for the room

[19:28]        Rick: yes, this will work.

[19:29] Customer: For the remote what version type should i get or does it matter ?

[19:29] Customer: It is asking on the website

[19:29] Customer: I assume 2.0 is the best since it's the newest?

[19:30] Customer: Shoot! I don’t know where the serial number is

[19:31]        Rick: yes, this is the correct version.

[19:31] Customer: Model looks like IHOME114XW2-E20

[19:32] Customer: is the serial located on the screen?

[19:34]        Rick: Yes, once you drop the material it is located on the right side on the back of the bar. next to the model number.

[19:34] Customer: hmm alright I’ll see if I can find it, but we don’t have it installed yet so i can't really drop anything.

[19:35] Customer: I’ll check the case and if i find it I’ll place the order for the switch and remote I guess

[19:35] Customer: Thanks for the help

[19:35]        Rick: it should be on the box or on the back side of the unit.

[19:39] Customer: ok I see it

[19:40] Customer: last question

[19:40] Customer: how do u adjust the drop distance

[19:42]        Rick: Here are the instructions 

[19:52] Customer Okay, thanks for the help.

[19:52]        Rick: My pleasure, thank you for choosing Elite screens.