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Kestrel Tab-Tension Series

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Q: How can I extend my RJ-45 accessory such as my 5-12 v trigger, 3-way wall switch, and IR "eye" sensor?
You can extend the length of your cable using the ZSP-12V-50B. This 50 feet RJ-45 cable includes an extender plug coupler to allow you to join connections to your existing accessory. 

Q: What preventative maintenance does Elite Screens recommend for electric screens?
Elite strongly recommends using either a standard surge protector or a power conditioner on all electric projection screens.

Q: Will I void my warranty if I cut the power cord cable to hardwire my electric screen?
No, Elite Screens understand the need to hardwire your electric screen and therefore will not void your warranty.

Q: How long is the power cord on the Kestrel Tension Series?
The power cord on the Kestrel Series is 6 feet.

Q: Where can i find the IR codes for my Kestrel Tension IR remote?
Elite provides binary codes for the IR remote, see below.
Up: 1111 0000 0001
Stop: 1111 0000 0010
Down: 1111 0000 0100

Q: Are Elite Screens compatible with Harmony Remotes?
Yes, Elite's electric screen products are compatible with Harmony remotes and in their database.
Please visit the Harmony website for further assistance with programming your remote with our electric screens.

Q: What is the frequency of your RF remote?
The frequency of the RF remote is 433MHz

Q: Can I increase Bottom Black Border on my screen?
No, your screen is set to rise to its full extent. Attempting to increase will damage the motor and void your warranty with Elite Screens.

Q: What is the power cable length of the Kestrel Tab-Tension Series Electric Screen?
 The power cable length for all Kestrel Tab-Tension Series models is approximately 98.4" (2.5M). Note: This measurement is accurate for USA only, other countries may be equipped with different lengths for each model.