General Rear Projector Screens FAQ’s

DIY Pro REAR Screen Series

A: Here is a full list of the model numbers in the DIY Pro Series: DIY96RH1, DIY123RH1, DIY141RH1, DIY100RV1, DIY132RV1, DIY148RV1, DIY195RV1

A: Yes, Both the DIY Pro and DIY Pro REAR can also be used indoors.

A: The DIY screen material may have creases or wrinkles after it has been stored for an extended period of time. These are known as memory lines. This is both a normal and correctable phenomenon. The creases/wrinkles on the DIY material will disappear in most cases if the material is stretched out for about 24-48 hours. After that time has passed, the lines should vanish. To speed up the process of crease/wrinkle removal, you can try applying heat to the material (example: a blow dryer at low heat). If attempting to do this, please move the heat source across the material to avoid having the heat directly on one spot for a long time.

Insta-RP 2 Series

A: The minimum lens throw ratio is 0.2 x image width. Yes,  all projectors with minimum 0.2 lens throw ratio are all compatible with the Insta-RP/Insta-RP2 rear projection film.

A: Yes, the Insta-RP rear projection film will indeed function perfectly on a curved glass setup. Below are two examples of such installations:

A: The transparency grade of the Insta-RP2 is 12%.

A: No, the Insta-RP 2 is not transparent, the color is off-white.

A: No, the Insta-RP 2 is designed as a one-point application material. Its special adhesive that allows it to stick firmly in its installation converting empty window space into a rear projection screen for as long as the end user wants it to be. Although its removal is relatively easy, the adhesive in the Insta-RP material will be diminished beyond its potency for reuse.

A: While one may project images on the front of the surface of the Insta-RP/Insta-RP2…the quality of the reflected image may not perform equally, and therefore reduce the overall fidelity of the picture.

A: Here is a complete list of the model numbers in the Insta-RP 2 Series: IRP100V2, IRP123H2, IRP114X2, IRP5x20V2

A: Yes, the Insta-RP/2 can be cut to size.  It is strongly recommended to use a long ruler and a sharp blade such as an exacto/utility knife or a precision cutter tool to make a smooth precise cut. Make sure the blade is new.

Yard Master Rear Series

A: Eventually, yes. It is recommended that no projection screen, regardless of manufacturer/model be permanently left outside and exposed directly to the elements.  The yardmaster is made for temporary outdoor events such as day excursions or weekend camping trips. It has a rolled sheet steel alloy frame that is coated in a rust-resistant black enamel for outdoor events. Just like any other piece of audio-video equipment, proper care and storage is required to maximize the Yardmaster’s operational lifespan.

A: Wrinkles or lines found on the Yard Master projection material in most cases disappear when the material is stretched over the frame.  If in case they don't, we recommend using a fabric steamer to eliminate any lines or wrinkles.

A: Here is a full list of the model numbers in the Yard Master Series: OMS100HR, OMS120HR, OMS100H, OMS120H, OMS150H, OMS180H1, OMS200H1

A: No, both the Yard Master and Yard Master 2 Series have a fixed height and length for all leg and frame parts included. The Yard Master 2 Series, however, does have optional extension legs that can be purchased to increase the bottom viewing area. Please click here for more information.

A: Yes, optional extension legs can be purchased to increase the bottom viewing area. Please click here for more information.

Yard Master 2 Rear Series

A: Here is a full list of the model numbers in the Yard Master 2 Series: OMS100HR2, OMS120HR2

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