David London

Amazon.com Customer Review

We love the movies but let’s be honest, who can afford a family of 5 anymore?? Especially IMAX, its crazy! Now with this crystal clear, inexpensive screen coupled with an HD projector and blu-ray, our only commute is from the stove with popcorn to the media room! Kids can be as loud as they want, get up, etc and it won’t disturb anyone. Other than being an absolute challenge to hang as it is very long and require heavy duty mounting supplies, it works awesome! PLEASE do not attempt to use the hardware that came with unit as it will rip right out of the wall as the screen is heavy plus when you pull on it, you add about 30-50#’s. (hence the big dent in ours now as it fell on top of the book case.) Go to Home Depot/Lowes or whatever you have and get hardcore wall anchors that support 150#’s+, you will not be disappointed. For a bit over $100, it is awesome, awesome, awesome! It does have a plastic/pvc type smell for a few days so we left it pulle down and opened the windows…ENJOY!