Jarod Pierce

Amazon.com Customer Review


it works, and it doesn’t break the bank

a little background here…. I’ve installed hundreds of screens from cinema grey to cheap home owner crap. This one I have in my own house, not that its the best; but its up there in quality. First one I put in for a client amazed me because of the price. Looks plenty good and does its job. the sides do roll a bit but only by about 1″ each side hardly noticeable unless you scrutinize it. picture quality is great over all and all but the best projectors out there won’t be of any help, does a great job of being “a Screen” to project upon. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this again for future projects and will recommend for those on a budget any day. Anything better will be twice the price and probably a fixed unit, not a rollup. thumbs up unless you have a nearly unlimited budget.

Spectrum Series
Model Number: ELECTRIC90X