Jeremy K.


Awesome screen and worth the money!

Awesome screen and worth the money! This was my first projector screen purchase as I was replacing my plasma tv. This screen is paired with the Epson 5030uBE. I was not sure whether to buy a super expensive screen ,or a really cheap one ,or middle of the road,etc. I was worried about buying this screen due to some of the reviews showing ripped edges and cheap quality, but they must have fixed that issue because my screen is great(Elite Screens Aeon, 100in, edgeless, white). It did take a good amount of time putting together as I was being careful and it was just me putting it together. The screen material is really stretchy and you may not think it will fit over the frame but I assure you it will.

The picture is amazing at night/in a dark room and is every bit as good, possibly better than my old plasma. I have no regrets buying this screen and no complaints. I would buy it again and would recommend to buy.

Aeon Series