Rich Vergo

The Jersey Shore | Customer Review


The images really popped out with Elite’s 1.1 gain

After buying a new BenQ projector, I had to replace my old Da-Lite silver screen which served me well for 15-years. Its glass beaded coating created a silk screen effect that deteriorated the picture quality. I wasn’t sure of the largest sized screen that would fit comfortably in a 12×12 room, so I rented a Da-Lite Versatol tripod from a camera store. It was the matte white version with a 1.0 gain. I was struck by how pancake flat the picture appeared; plus, it caused for an overly warm picture hue in which I personally do not like.

So I ordered from Amazon the Elite screen hoping for better results. And to my surprise, it reflected a perfect picture. The images really popped out with Elite’s 1.1 gain. It had beautiful depth and contrast to the images with a more natural color hue. The Elite also performed better with ambient light; and the added bonus was its ability to swivel the screen around so that it can be positioned near the back wall. Da-Lite couldn’t do that. That’s a huge plus within a small room as you gain nearly 2-feet of distance for a bigger picture. Well, who knew there was a big difference between the screens? I found out by accident.

Tripod Series – T85UWS1