Introducing the PowerMax Sonic

Garden Grove, Calif., April. 28, 2015

The PowerMax Sonic by EPV® is an acoustically transparent (AT) Ultra-Hi-Def electric/motorized projection screen. Its Sonic White material is designed to complement in-wall speakers while allowing sound to pass through the material with minimal attenuation. It accomplishes superior video performance with negligible loss in sound propagation due to its tight weave .9 gain fabric. Standard control accessories include a wireless 5-12 volt projector trigger, Infrared and Radio Frequency remote controls, an extended IR sensor, and a detachable wall switch keypad.


PowerMax Sonic by EPV®


This dedicated CI product from EPV® further emphasizes their commitment to the channel by providing quality projection screens worthy of the endorsements from the industry’s leading authorities.

I look forward to speaking with you about our innovative new product lines and how we may assist you with achieving your business goals through this year and many more to come.

Best regards.

Jeff Klida, Elite Prime Vision® VP of Sales