New Testimonial From Dan Laufman of Emotiva Audio Corp. Regarding the QuickStand 5-Second Screen

Elite’s QuickStand 5-Second projection screen has been a great success since its launch a year ago. Here is another testimonial as to its quality and reliability.

Dan Laufman, founder and head of Emotiva Audio Corporation gave a brilliant testimonial regarding the dynamic versatility of the QuickStand 5-Second series. “…we’re always setting up portable video displays; it’s just a necessary part of our business.” Mr. Laufman continued, ” This 150 inch screen behind me has seen the road with us many, many shows and it’s unbelievable. When they say it’s 5-seconds, they’re not kidding.” He concluded by saying “I can’t say enough good things about Elite and this fantastic screen behind me.”

Please take a moment to see the video, visit the site, go over the award links and reach out to us if you’d like to know more.

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Dave Rodgers
Marketing Manager, Elite Screens Inc.

About the QuickStand 5-Second Series

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The QuickStand 5-Second Projection Screen is a free-standing “pull-up” stage projection screen for large venue presentations where wall or ceiling mounted screens are impractical.
Its innovative dual cross spring mechanism supports the Greenguard® Gold (UL2818) Certified MaxWhite® FG 1.1 gain material. It is encased in an ATA wheeled aluminum stage case with drape kit included.


Winner of SVC Magazine’s 2014 Innovative Products Award
SVC Magazine's 2014 Innovative Products Award
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 Winner of Worship Facilities Magazine 2014 New Product Awards

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