“Great screen. Love the frameless look.” Aeon Series (AR110WH2)

I love the frameless design. Assembly was quite easy and hanging with the two brackets extremely easy. With only two brackets to worry about, leveling was spot on right away.

The screen got crinkled a bit during assembly, but the micro creases have been working their way out over the past few days. I am using it without the black velvet and love the look. One downside of the design is that the screen is very tight up top, but gradually pulls away from the wall since there are no included brackets for the bottom. They really should include four brackets. I found some mirror brackets at lowes that pretty much did the trick and Elite is sending me two more of their brackets which are definitely more heavy duty.

All in all this screen is great and a bargain to boot. And I was able to go from a 103″ to a 110″ due to the frameless design.


From an Amazon.com Customer Review
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