Emotiva Audio Corp. On The Elite Screens Quickstand 5-Second Series Screen

Emotiva Audio Corporation founder, Dan Laufman, shares his thoughts on Elite Screens’ Quickstand 5-Second Series screen and how it helps them to create mobile home theater displays with impact for their Emotiva On The Road shows.

The video also includes a demonstration on just how easy it is to setup the Quickstand 5-Second Series screen in real time with just two people. As Dan Laufman points out in the video, “when they (Elite Screens) says five seconds, they mean five seconds!”

The QuickStand 5-Second Series is a large-sized free-standing portable “pull-up” projection screen. Its portable design makes it ideal for conference rooms and large venue presentations on the go. Other large screen may require more than a half hour to assemble, attach the material and adjust to the right height. The QuickStand 5-Second Screen’s primary advantage is speed. It utilizes an innovative dual cross spring mechanism that allows it to be set up in seconds.

The QuickStand 5-Second Screen is a hassle free versatile solution that can rise out of its casing to the desired height in as little as 5-seconds. It uses Elite Screens MaxWhite® Fiberglass (FG) 1.1 Gain material with wide diffusion uniformity and is encased in an ATA wheeled aluminum stage case for added durability during heavy travel and regular venue applications.

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