Reflexion Series & ezCinema

What good is having a great projector if you don’t have a great screen to project on? Let’s check out the Elite Screens ezCinema2 107” 16:9 (F107XWH2) & Reflexion Series 110” 16:9 ( FM110H ) portable projector screens to see if they’re worth the purchase!


The ezCinema 2 by Elite Screens is a free-standing portable projection screen that offers even more features to CE Retail customers than our earlier model. It swiftly pulls up and retracts using a “scissor-backed” free-standing mechanism that requires no extra tools, accessories or effort. This is the perfect “projector screen in a box” for portable presentations on the go. The matte white material has a wide viewing angle and is masked on all 4 sides for enhanced aesthetics and visual contrast. The screen comes with a black backing to eliminate light penetration for brighter image fidelity.

The Reflexion Series portable projector screen is an easy-to-use, free-standing projection screen. Suitable for both small and large venues, it combines the ease of portability of our tripod screens with the quick set up of our ezCinema Series.

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