How to Remove Waves from the ezCinema Tab-Tension CineGrey 4D Series

To remove waves from the exCinema Tab-Tension CineGrey 4D Series, follow the steps listed below/in the video:

  1. Ensure the screen material is correctly supported secured, and ensure the support bar is locked tightly.
  2. Inspect the screen material for waves.
  3. If there are waves on the material, locate the screen material tightening mechanism on the left side of the protective casing.
  4. Rotate the screen tube clockwise with one hand until the waves disappear and thre turn the locking plate 90 degrees to the right making sure it is tucked in between the tooth to secure the position.

The ezCinema Tab-Tension CineGrey 4D is a portable ceiling ambient light-rejecting pull-up projector screen. It is the ideal screen for rooms that have limited or no control of incidental light such as family rooms, lecture halls, boardrooms, or training facilities. It features a detachable telescoping support bar which allows the screen to be stopped at any position to accommodate various height requirements. The tab-tension design maintains the projection surface taut and flat to produce ripple-free presentations.

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