General Wall/Ceiling Electric Screens FAQ's

I am looking at purchasing an Elite Motorized Screen,VMAX120UWH2. I know all Elite motorized come with standard 12V trigger built-in, but my projector does not have a trigger out on it. Can I use Universal Wireless 5-12V Projector Trigger (ZU12V)?

Yes. This device goes between the projector and plug. It is designed for projector w/o low voltage trigger port to work with Elite Screen motorized screen.

If I install a Motorized Screen into the ceiling, what are my possible methods of controlling it?

Since the Spectrum’s Infrared (IR) Sensor is hidden within the ceiling, there are a few options in which to control a ceiling installed Spectrum Screen: IR Eye Extender (ZSP-EYE&12V):  With the need of line of sight, the IR signal will not be sensed by the IR receiver built within the housing of the Spectrum.  By using…

The synchronized motors seem to be really slow. Why would someone prefer a synchronized motor over a faster Tubular motor?

The reasons why a customer would prefer the slower synchronized motor over the tubular is as follows: The synchronized motors are silent. Many consumers prefer that all of their home theater gear operate silently. The synchronized motor consumes considerably less power per operation than a tubular motor making it more of a green-conscious product. Because…