Aeon Series FAQ’s

Q: I own an Aeon CLR/CLR2/CLR 3 fixed frame screen and notice a halo effect/light spill around the UST screen. How can I remedy this?

The steep light from an Ultra-Short Throw projector causes the halo effect and can spill light around the frame. There is no way to solve it, but it can be mitigated by painting your wall a darker color, or putting a velvet border around the screen frame.

I’d like to buy an Aeon CLR® 3 screen but my UST projector is 120 inches. I notice that your screens are oversized by a few inches such as 103” versus 100” or 123” vs 120”. In my case for example, I do not want an empty screen section, but the image to go all the way to the border of the screen. Can you advise?

Most ultra-short throw projectors despite claiming they can go up to a certain size, if they have a focus adjustment should be able to adjust the picture to 103” (if a 100” UST projector) or 123” (if a 120” UST projector) and fill in the entire screen area. In some cases, certain UST projectors that…

I am assembling the Aeon Fixed Frame screen and do not see a hole for the center support however there is a center support bar included. How do I attach my center support bar?

There is a hex screw that must first be inserted on the back channel of the bottom and top frames. Then, the center support bar attaches to the hex screw.