What are the model numbers for replacement CineWhite® screen material for my fixed frame screen?

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Elite Screens offers replacement CineWhite® material for 4:3, 16:9, and 2.35:1 fixed frame screens. Here is a complete list of the model number for replacement CineWhite Material: ZR84WH-M, ZR92WH-M, ZR100WH-M, ZR106WH-M, ZR110WH-M, ZR110WH1, ZR120WH-M, ZR135WH-M, ZR150WH1, ZR180WH1, ZR84WV-M, ZR100WV-M, ZR120WV-M, ZR96WH1-Wide, ZR103WH1-Wide, ZR115WH1-Wide, ZR125WH1-Wide, ZR138WH1-Wide Decoding the model number: ZR92WH1-M

  • ZR- Replacement Material
  • 92= Diagonal Size of 92″
  • W= CineWhite
  • H= 16:9 Aspect Ratio (V= 4:3, Wide= 2.35:1)